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Best Grains for a Small Urban Farm?

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Hello all! I'm in a rather cold climate (hardiness zone 4), and I am a part of a group who wants to get a small urban farm (a few acres) and community plots up and running.

I was wondering what your grain suggestions would be for a small urban farm to grow? We are especially interested in heritage/heirloom varieties.

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in a small urban farm with just a couple acres , none!It is simply not enough yield to justify the space it takes up, the work involved and the yield. I think in your situation it would be more beneficial to keep to veggies and fruits rather than grow grains. The price they are in stores and the labor involved really does make them easier to buy.

If you really are set upon growing grains i would suggest amaranth. The greens are edible and on some of the veg amaranth the greens are edible all summer long where as grain amaranth tends to be just when they are smaller plants .

If you are trying to grow as supplemental feed for some critters as well as yourself it is a bit more worth the efforts to grow but not really..In the long run you really are better growing veggies to sell or trade rather than use the space for grains on a small scale..

Golden grain amaranth is a nice grain/ green variety, lovelies bleeding is a pretty and messy variety
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