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When I originally learned about the nickels, I was pretty psyched. My local coin/metal dealer does not deal with copper, so cant really offer me any decent advice.
You cannot melt down copper coinage, it is illegal. So in my thinking, and I will try to talk to the actual owner of my local store to get more info (I have only spoken to his daughter, who doesnt have as much experience as the 'old man'), a nickel will only have limited upside, at least in the near term. My understanding is that if the nickel composition changed today, a nickel (coin) would have very limited upside. Even if it was worth double ($.10) its face value, it would take an awful lot of nickels to make any real money. You would need 20,000 nickles to make $1000. While thats a lot better than a "sharp stick in the eye", thats a lot of metal to be luggin around.

As to the silver article, the possiblility of a silver crash has always had me worried. I have only been buying silver for a few years, but as someone with at least limited investing experience, realize that every boom is followed by a bust. Nothing goes up forever. PMs almost have to crash (or at least correct) at some point. I will see it as a buying opportunity. If silver gets cut in half, I will still be way up on the bulk of my investment.
3 words.
Dollar cost average.

I am still buying, just in smaller quantities for now.
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