Bernanke speech in RI

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    Bernanke Tells the Truth: The United States is on the Brink of Financial Disaster

    Has someone who is in the middle of things finally come to the realization that spending more than you make is going to lead to trouble? Heck, all of us here have seen trouble coming. I make $XX,000 a year; I cannot spend more than that because I simply do not have the money! Uncle Sam spends more each year by creating ways to take more money from us or by selling a promise to pay you back plus interest. Well, the point has come where he is promising more than folks will believe and much more than he is able to even vaguely rationalize being able to pay.

    For the past two years our leaders (I use the term very loosely) have been spending way more while there are less people to collect the money from. And, I need to add, more people receiving money who were paying into the system before. What brainiac that we are paying their salary (and BENEFITS TOO) thought this was a workable solution? Less and less coming in and more and more going out… And what did that money go for... Jobs, help keep folks in their homes, re-training?? Nope, it went to big institutions who made a bad decision on a scheme to make a lot of money and of course the idea failed. All the folks who invested in this scheme are still out that money, great idea on a way to spend a ton of our money. Sure some money went to infrastructure, all those ‘shovel ready’ projects we heard about. So now some streets have a bike path or new trees while the highway system and bridges crumble.

    I need to go to Lowe’s and see if I can find a few more US made manual labor tools, or ANY quality made tools for that matter. Why Lowe’s? Because places like that and Wal-Mart have driven out all the local Mom & Pop stores I used to be a customer of. Quality gave way to price and quality manufacturing died for the most part. And, imported crap is much cheaper than US made goods so the US companies have moved elsewhere to pump out that same cheaper crap!

    I need a vacation but cannot afford it. My wages stay the same while prices go up and Uncle Sam digs deeper into my pocket. I do not make any more but I have less. And this is the optimist in me!
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    Time is short but you may want to check for any local auctions for manual/farm tools ... you may be surprised what you can find. :)