Beofre they are gone.

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    I am sure you have some gems from politicians who speak before they think

    I have decided not to monopolize what we have enjoyed in THE Middle East in the last few weeks … Really out from the womb of tragedy , you see and hear some humor that you can't but laugh at while you cry.

    Qaddafi has become a regional champion of comedy while he slaughtered his people. He was always a clown, that's for sure, but these weeks he has lost it all. Some of his gems got to be shared around the world.

    - When he heard of Boazizi burning himself and the demonstrations starting in Tunisia. He started to threaten his own people of doing the same :
    Qaddafi said :
    ( anyone burning himself will be jailed for 5 years !)

    After the protests started in Egypt ,
    Qaddafi said :
    ( I am not a dictator to shut down Facebook, but anyone logging in will be jailed!!)

    After some Lybians started calling for demonstrations in Lybia,
    Qaddafi said :
    ( I will demonstrate with the people against the corrupt government )

    After it looked like protests are not limited to one demonstration
    Qaddafi said :
    (Demonstrate as you wish , but do not come out to the streets !!)

    Trying to educate his people not to be "cheated" by the media
    Qaddafi said :
    (throw "Kleenex" behind your back) ....… He meant : Wiki-Leaks

    In his earlier speeches, he said:

    - The difference between men and women is that men are male and women are female !!

    - Women have the right to nominate themselves for parliment whether they are male or female !!

    - If it wasn't for electric power, we would be watching TV in total darkness.

    - The one major reason for divorce .. is marriage !!

    There you go .
    Some of Qaddafi's humor before it is gone forever.
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    - If it wasn't for electric power, we would be watching TV in total darkness.

    Must have gotten his new big-screen TV from Nawlins in 2005......... They were popular theft items then. God only knows what the thieves thought they'd watch on them with NO power.....

    Kadaffy should have his own 'reality TV' show - he's at least as funny as that one where the families swap wives/mothers....... :nuts:

    Read that he was making his people demolish the oil pipelines - that's the way to oppose western tyranny - destroy your people's ONLY way of making money in international trade!! :beercheer:

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    Not to mention that it is western companies that will rebuild all that when a new government starts running Lybia !! But he is crazy enough to do it no matter what. :eek:

    I can't but pray for the Lybians.
    They are really heroes for putting up with him all these years.

    A number of local Facebook pages are making all kinds of comments and jokes about him.
    One of them say that he should be saved from the mob and used for psychiatrist research !!

    I second that.
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    Not heros but ignorant. I recent met a person from Cuba through work and he and I have now worked together for over a year. Driving all over the country doing jobs. I was always of the mind that given recent technology (in the last 50 years) any one that wanted to be free like the united states has seen how we did it, and if they wanted to they could stand up and do it themselves. I learned from Frank that even though the information is out there that the oppressed peoples are not aware of it. The information is blocked from them. They are ignorant that the USA is even free they only know what they are told (USA is evil, bad corrupt, etc....). So in truth those people did not by choice put up with him, they know no better and think that is the way it is everywhere and are happy they are not in jail or dead. They have a little food, a job and a home. They follow the rules to stay safe from the law and they are quiet.

    What has opened their eyes is another nation that was oppressed and whose lifestyle was allowed to be known, stepped up to fight for freedom. Before the information could be blocked from the people they learned of it and then learned of freedom so now they are standing up and fighting for a better way of life.

    Ignorance due to oppression. Sadly it happens in many places. Many as was I are blind to it. Lack of information, or only knowing what the government wants you to know was such a foreign idea to me that when I spoke with Frank of these things I was appalled to learn how it really is in some places. I thought I knew, but had no clue.
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    They stole them in hopes to use or more commonly sell them after the chaos and situation had passed. Some people also have generators anyways, so they could have watched them with no public utilities but if you ask me that'd be a waste of a limited resource in a survival situation.