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    I have read a lot on this website in what little time that i've been apart of the group. I have noticed that alot of people on here are just getting ready for a short period of time while others are looking further than that. I think if things do get bad then they will stay that way for a while. I think that eventually there will be no confience store or go get it from wal-mart. I think that we will eventually have to live like they did in the old day and work for everything we get food, clothes, and shelter. Everyone that i've talked to thinks oh yeah things are going to get bad but then they'll get bettter. I think that people are underestimating what's going on around us. I'm getting prepared by learning what i can right now and putting it to use. I'm learning to grow my own food, hunting(which i actually like), canning and preserving food, and eventually going to learn to raise some cattle. I don't know if anyone else feels the same way, but it's nice to be able to get it off my mind for a little bit anyway.
    I worry that if things do get rough and we do have to fend for ourselfs totatly then what will happen to the majority of my friends and family who are dependent on electricity and going to the store for what they want and need. Alot of people dont want to think about what is to come but it is now time to.
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    We all live in different places and have different scenarios to deal with. In my case all the normal worries like floods, tornado, forest fire, earthquakes, and tropical storms don't apply. They simply don't happen or can't happen around here. I also have to deal with winter which some people in the south never have to worry about.

    I also happen to live in a city which means raising animals and growing my own crops are out of the question. Having a small place means a limited amount of space for supplies and equipment.

    This means my wife and I can only really bunker down and wait for things to get better. We have no means of living off the land. If the worst happens we'll be forced to loot supplies and when those run out we'll have to move to the country.

    I am an optimist and I feel that there will be a recovery at some point. We just have to outlast 99% of the local population in order to see it. Most people only have a few days worth of food at home. We have about 40 days for four people. We also have a huge stockpile of ammunition and are well armed in a city where almost nobody is armed.

    I have not prepared for a long term solution simply because it's impossible in my current situation. We all have issues that hold our prep back like lack of space, location, finances etc. Best of luck with your prep and keep posting!

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    I believe planning for the short-term (power-outage, deep-snows, hurricane, tornado, floods) is just the beginning. It is a way for people to feel silghtly more self-reliant than their sheeple-neighbours, and, it brings a level of confidence to their lives.

    But, there is only so much planning that a person can do and only so much preparing a person can do before they realize that there is another level that needs to be reached for true self-reliance.

    Each person needs to start somewhere, learn by doing (not just reading), and build on that knowledge. You can't buy the knowledge - you have to live it.

    That is where I am right now. My plans are for being ready for the short-term and I am working towards the homesteading-level as I build my knowledge, skills and confidence in my abilities.

    I have fished, but, I am not a fisher. I am a cook, but, I have never had to clean fish. I have butchered pork once and haven't had the opportunity again to do it again since then. I have never hunted for my meat, but, I want to (and might get a chance this fall) and learn to clean / make jerky / make steaks / make ground .. etc. I also would love to learn how to tan-hides and sew the leather.

    Each step will build upon the last .. I just wish it could happen faster!
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    We have the short term pretty well in hand. We have enough food put aside for us two for at least 6 months if not more. We're working towards the long term ( just hope we have enought time to get there!).
    My next big purchase is going to be a wheat grinder ( manual). I plan on purchasing a portable am/fm/sw radio also.
    I'm planting berry bushes, a small orchard is in the works and we're expanding the garden.
    We're developing a root cellar idea that would be within our means.

    We're planning for long term, but it does take some time to get there. 5 more years and this places is ours! That will be a large chunk of change to put towards the long term plan.We have no delusions that if tshtf, then after a short while it will all be back to "normal". We have the opinion that'll be a long time before that happens and we want to be able to take care of ourselves before, during and after.