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    just got a friend's 60-yr-old mother out of Japan last week and helped her settle in...

    I'm not a captain of industry, or a world-famous entertainer, or a political leader.

    I don't have millions of $$$ for relief (many times I can't even afford to pay my own bills completely)...

    I don't have famous friends to hold hands and sing 'we are the world" for relief...

    I don't have any spare aircraft carriers to lend for relief...

    I'm not capable of solving the world's problems with the wave of my hand, sometimes things are just "too big"...

    so I did the "small thing"...

    I gave somebody who needed it a blanket and a hot meal and some friendship.

    I ask everybody here that can... do the "small thing"; because to somebody, that thing is huge.

    please feel free to put this on any forums, social network sites etc etc
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    Thank you Blob, that was a great thing you did. It made my heart smile.