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    My son had one for his son and I could hear the neighbors talking with it.
    I let them know and they switched channels but I could listen if I also switched channels.
    Never did, who wants to listen to someone else's kid cry.
    I wonder how many people are freaking out about the neighbors watching their monitors.
    Bet all the Moms get dressed before going into the babies room now.

  2. Jason

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    We have an audio monitor for our son, so all anyone is going to hear if they'd listen to ours is some nice bedtime stories, snoring, and the occasional 2 year old voice yelling "I have to pee!!"A relative had a hard wire security camera that they weren't using so they gave it to us to mount above the crib (now toddler bed) so we can watch him on our bedroom TV at night. It's a night vision unit, so even in the low light of his room at night we have a clear picture of what he's doing without broadcasting pictures to the world.

    The lady in the article with the dogs surprised me. Someone could theoretically case out the inside of her home with the cameras and she didn't seem to care. It sounds like she has a mess of cameras to watch the pups.
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    Hmmm, sounds like another SHTF limited communication device between neighbors :)
  4. Jason

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    Possibly. I know I've taken our monitor out to the barn while DS was sleeping (wife was home to hear him if he woke up) just to see how far it worked. Again, ours is just an audio monitor, but it worked fine about 100 yards from the house if I sat it on the hood of the truck.
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    Same thing goes for older cordless phones and just about any wireless device. A $40 radio shack scanner will search until it finds a freq and you can listen to the conversation. Many newer phone change freq's to make it harder to listen in, but they still transmit a signal that anyone can receive. Don't even get me started with cell phones. on-star or web cams/mics.
  6. Jason

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    And, anyone who's ever seen Signs knows that baby monitors pick up more than you'd think that they would. I'm just sayin...
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    This is why all communications and video devices must be assumed to be compromised. If you can't for certain say it's secured, it's compromised.

    It's very easy to crack even secured channels if you have the smallest bit of skill. Just as it's very easy to bug or listen into hard wired phones and devices by simply wiring into them and replacing the box cover in the case of land phone lines. Instructions are found all over the net and even a kid could do it. I check my phone boxes routinely, however if people have the same fasteners that the phone companies use, they could compromise your line in many ways and you'd never know without opening it up.

    When I was a kid, I had a little black and white TV that when tuned to a certain frequency between channels would pick up police transmissions. It's sometimes surprising what devices can be used out of the box per se to listen in. Everything has a backdoor, a way of compromising it.

    Cell phone frequencies are easy to crack as well. Most technology is very weakly secured if secured or encrypted at all. Even secured wifi connections are ridiculously easy to compromise. Teenagers have made tutorials of them cracking wifi connections all over the net. You can even take over routers via wifi as most people are clueless as are many "techs" and they rarely ever change the default factory passwords. These lists are freely available if you do a little looking. Some devices and electronics retain, default passwords even if you change it.

    Few people still know that ALL printers are programmed with a code of microdots even though it was in the press quite a bit some time back. Gov agencies made a back alley deal with manufacturers to encode all printers with microdots in various locations with different color codes and dot formations to make all printed documents traceable.

    Few people know about echelon even and that almost all world communications are actively scanned because the major cables, run through this center.

    There was a recent case about schools installing a virus like program to turn on webcams of the students at will without the students knowledge. This was a huge thing in the press as well. I could go into the technicality of how it was done but Id rather keep it simple so the non tech saavy are on the same page with the tech saavy, per se.

    GPS in cell phones track your every movement which are now installed in ALL cell phones. It was supposed to be so emergency times would be improved and etc but its made ZERO difference. The government always convinces us its for our own good in some manner when in reality... its just how they con the masses into accept it willingly for their nefarious purposes.

    The list goes on and on. I could write in depth volumes on how mass produced technology is compromised or even how to compromise it.