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bargain basement cctv / home security

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What i did to kickstart my home security install was all them old webcams that i had collected install into new housings (read: bird table cam / gnome cam / book cam) and linked them up to a program that i downloaded from a site called CNET DOWNLOADS.

The program was free and was called XtrASense.It basically allows you to turn webcams into cctv units:cool: and allows you to blank off areas of the screen that may cause false triggering .

The program takes a pixel level of your field of view and when something comes into it , altering the levels that are set ,it records the images and saves them as an MpEG.These can be burnt down and used as evidence.

The other side of this little program is that the program can be figured to upload the still/stills of the event as MMS messages to your mobile phone OR play subroutines such as "DOG barking MP3"

When your away for some time from your property , its just a matter of logging onto your house system and checking your cameras.

I dont see why more people dont use this stuff because its really bargain basement , and doesnt need a teccie to install it for you.

Ive just moved so will be doing the same in our new place.

Cheers , Thomas , North Wales , UK
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I purchased a Zmodo 8 Camera CCTV system with DVR for under $300 a couple years ago and wired up my house. I have 4 cameras inside and 4 cameras outside and the entire system is powered off a 75 min APC uninterruptible power supply.
Thanks for that, I recently just bought the same system on eBay but had only read limited things about it on the web. The fact that you bought it "a couple years ago" and have enough confidence in it to post up about it here makes me feel a little better about the purchase!

However, having it will not bring back the 32-foot extension ladder and air compressor taken from my backyard :(
That sucks about your ladder and air compressor. Maybe you will get lucky and the dumb asses will come back for a second bite of the apple and get caught. It happens more often than you would think.
Yes, I think they will keep (eventually) coming back until they are caught.
Crazy how the dumb-asses think.

Mine came with one 120volt-to-12volt adapter to run the whole she-bang.
Instead of using a UPS, I cut the cord off the wall wart and just wired it right to my 12 volt deep cycle battery system, which charges from solar.
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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