Bail out option=grabbing food

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  1. SurviveNthrive

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    While I plan on 'defending in place' I keep my options open. Some folks plan on bugging out. Either way, a neat, cheap prep is to have some of those cheap cloth shopping bags right there with your canned food and long term storage food so you can grab and go. This doesn't cost a whole lot of money, but it'd be a big time saver and might make the difference in critical seconds and the amount of food you can grab if you need to.
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    Yeah...and it would be a good idea to have a few cheap manual can openers hanging near your food storage, or on a nearby shelf, to grab as you toss food in those cloth shopping bags. I have a bunch of those bags...neatly folded on a shelf but not near my food storage! I'll be distributing them around to different places now. Thanks for the idea.

  3. The_Blob

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    I keep the little $0.25 can openers in my wallet & on each of my keyrings... I even have one in the LACES of one of my pair of boots (I must've been drunk ;) )

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    Dear lord, the Navy man's best friend/worst enemy! Better than starving to death but you also learn to hate it because it's necessity meant chow was gonna suuuuuuuck.
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    Great idea for the bags, keep one by the medicine cabinet also. I don't like the idea of cheap can openers, although I have a couple of p38s. I have paid a little more for rubber handled ones without the plastic bearing. The ones with the church key at the end of the handle just bend when you use them. I look for higher quality hand crank ones at garage sales.
  6. SurviveNthrive

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    When I was younger I could handle a P-38 fast enough that I didn't bother with regular can openers. Now, not so fast and it gets tedius. Either I've a shorter attention span or my fingers don't work so fast on things like that.

    I actually use colored duct tape and put some P-38's on certain items, like the scarcer high dollar things like the canned butter and cheese. I bought bulk P-38's so I've got plenty.
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    Also check with your local municipality some give away free ( Blue recycling bags Heavy duty) I scored about 15 of em 2 years ago wife has been using as grocery bags ever since hold up well and price was right.
    Super at apartment building was to lazy to hand out asked me if I wanted em!
    L8R RR