Bachelor pad or terrorist hideout?

Discussion in 'General Chit-Chat' started by OldFashionedMama, Nov 1, 2010.

  1. OldFashionedMama

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    My already multicultural neighborhood got more diverse a few weeks ago. I have no problem with it, in fact I love that we have lots of different people on my street. Everyone is nice, everyone is friendly, everyone cuts their grass. Bear with me, here...I really don't know what to think about the newcomers.

    About three weeks ago, on a Saturday night, a U-Haul truck pulled into the parking lot of the building next to our house. There is a beautiful apartment in the upstairs, and finally someone moved into it. It was about 10:30pm, and behind the U-Haul several others cars pulled up. A few minutes later, about 12-15 men (no women at all), all speaking Arabic or some kind of mideastern language, were standing there, unloading boxes, etc...

    They aren't loud. They don't throw parties. As far as I know it looks like two guys live there. They've been there three weeks now, and I never actually see any of them, but the cars are always there. The lights are always on, in almost every room at night, and there are no curtains or blinds on the windows yet. It looks like they might have been painting in the room that faces my front yard.

    This particular apartment is quite large, with almost the same square footage as our house, and its a historic building. I think the rent went for about $800, could be more. NOT a cheap pad, for sure.

    My dad thinks I should keep an eye out. The only "weird" event was last weekend, when one of them got in his car around midnight and nearly destroyed his transmission because he was too drunk to get the thing back in drive from reverse...he drove off without his lights on, swerving everywhere.
    However, that person did not look like one of the guys who live there-I think he was a friend.

    And, as expected, they are hardly around and never bothered to introduce themselves to anyone. Sorry but if you just keep to yourself, I assume you are hiding something.

  2. The_Blob

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    I thought Muslim Extremists were forbidden 'all drink from fermented grain or grape'?

    you could always be neighborly & make them a plate of cookies in the shape of Stars of David ;)

  3. OldFashionedMama

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    I think that was a friend-I tried to get a look at whoever got in that car, and I think it was a white guy. Like I said, I really have no idea who lives there-I never see anyone! It looks like they just left all the lights on and are gone. Those lights are on every.single.night. Like, every light in the whole apartment. I can see in the kitchen window from my living room and the place looks empty. The only furniture I can see is the couch in the living room and a dresser in the bedroom facing my yard. Seems weird they brought in all those boxes because the place looks totally empty.
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    We, as humans, have a tendency to dismiss "gut feelings" or "intuition" and assume that unless we can articulate a danger that we are making more out of a thing than it is. We are the only animal that discounts a clear sign, (developed over thousands of years), that we should be alert to possible danger, (it's called survival instinct... similar to the "feeling" that many of us have that "all is not well" with the world in general).

    Your instinct is telling you that "something is out of whack" about your new neighbors' behavior. At the very least, it would make sense to carefully continue to observe what is going on. Perhaps, if you have neighbors who are also observant, you might strike up a conversation along the lines of: "Have you noticed that the lights seem always to be on in the apartment that folks just moved into?"

    At best, it could be nothing but "strange" behavior... at worst, they could be building explosive vests and plotting mayhem. Be observant, be alert and be prepared to do what is necessary to protect you and yours.:hmmm::peep:
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    :scratch Hm...That's weird. :ghost: Be careful if you do try to make contact with these people. :peep:
    Keep us posted. We care about you.
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    Just so everybody is clear: Jihadist Muslims are permitted to drink, smoke, watch porn, sleep with prostitutes, etc. to blend in and "fool the infidels." If they are not accustomed to the alcohol, that'd explain the DUI action easily enough.

    Most likely what you are seeing is not what your worst fears tell you it could be. However, there is something to be said for vigilance. Keep your eyes pealed. The fact that there was 15 or so of them is both good and bad. It's tough to get 15 baddies in and activated, but if somehow they did, that's a lot of carnage...

    Most likely they are just Turks trying to figure out life here in the US.
  7. RoadRash

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    They usually enter the US through Canada cause we will let anyone in...... The crew that wanted to blow up the CN tower and Ottawa a couple of years back will be out on the street in 2-4 with good behavor... HMMM guess that gives em a couple of years to plan?????
    We will waite n see untill politicians or the elite loose loved ones to these BASTARDS ..... Then maybe we can get stiffer sentencing or deportation.....
    Keep an eye on em and be carefull doing it......

    Just your average INFIDEL
  8. OldFashionedMama

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    Well, it very well could be newbies just trying to fit in, as someone else said.

    Remember those other people across the street? Well, the guy finally introduced himself to me. It appears his oldest son might have some less than savory buddies, but they are otherwise harmless. I felt bad for assuming, but in this town you just never know.

    Our Muslim population has grown quite a bit in recent years. I always see the women together in groups with their children at the park, they are always friendly and seem perfectly normal.

    These guys just don't seem normal :scratch

    It's probably me just being paranoid :nuts:
  9. tortminder

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    Remember, just because you're paranoid doesn't mean that they aren't out to get you!:D

    As Ronald Reagan said; "Trust, but verify". Be alert, (because we always can use more "lerts":D)
  10. HozayBuck

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    Go with you gut ! and yea something is funny about it.. more like a storage dump in a nice hood..

    you might mention it to your local LEO's.. not asking for action just a word to them...

    I would not like having them living near me... you might start writing down lic numbers and give the list to the LEO's ... ya never know..
  11. bunkerbob

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    I would take a bunch of photos and file them away, if something does arise out of it they could be useful for law enforcement or for cash to news agencies.:rolleyes:
  12. GatorDude

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    They are probably just replacement Americans brought here on H1B visas to ...uh... "supplement" U.S. computer professionals. Do you have a corporate headquarters or other office building near you? They often move from city to city and overcrowd apartments. They may be from India. They may be Hindus rather than Muslims. Muslims may sometimes place prayer mats onto their balconies and pray toward mecca. About 15% of the Indian population is Muslim. If they wear turbans, they are probably Sikhs. If they put a metal face over top of their doorway, they are probably Hindus. Your experience is pretty common in big cities like Atlanta, D.C., Charlotte, etc.
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  13. OldFashionedMama

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    No turbans-there are a good number of Sikhs here, I know what they look like. Haven't looked at their door...I don't know what headquarters are around Youngstown, Ohio but its possible they are just young professionals. Perhaps they are using that back room that faces my yard as the prayer room-it faces East. There is absolutely NOTHING in that room-no curtains, nothing on the walls, no furniture that I can see. Makes a little more sense...