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Baby Bug-Out Bag

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Seeing the thread about delivering babies made me think, what kind of items would you pack if you had to bug-out with an infant or a very young child?

I know that formula or milk and a good stash of baby food is necessary. Also some diapers (cloth would be best as they are reusable), wash cloths, and warm clothes would be needed. What else should be packed for a baby?
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I know there are unknowns regarding feeding a baby formula that has never had formula before, but it's the best I can do. I would hope that if I was separated from my son during a disaster maybe a nice mom would wet nurse the sprout. I know I would do it for another mom. I know a lot of you may think that is gross, but hungry babies don't! :p
There is nothing wrong with that - it is about as natural as natural can be. I think it is a great thing that you would be willing to nurse another lady's child if the situation warranted it. :congrat:
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