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    So, the good news is, despite what the doctors told me after Chemo, we're expecting child #3. We just found out, so we've got time to get ready, but I didn't start prepping in earnest until after number 2 was out of diapers. For those of you who have prepped through a pregnancy, what would be your top three things that we need to look at? Thanks in advance.
  2. PamsPride

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    Cloth Diapers! My favorite are BumGenius!
    Cloth wipes! I love these too! I made my own! I took old receiving blankets and cut them into 9-12 squares and sergered around the edges.

    For afterwards:
    A Diva Cup and Cloth Pads.

    I have and use all of the above items and I love them!

    Congrats on the new baby to come!! :flower:

  3. goshengirl

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    Congratulations!!! :2thumb:

    (Haven't prepped through a pregnancy, so can't answer your question - just happy for you :D )
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    Congrats. Top three? I have never personally prepped for Kiddos that small, my youngest is 18 months and granted I have been prepping or at least playing at it for a few years now, I think I sort of lived in denial during the younger months.

    I imagine just like adult's top three (food, shelter, water) we have to look at the little ones like that too.
    Food can be addressed either by canned powdered formula if going that route, or larger food allotment for you if nursing. For the baby food phase, I think that a food mill of some type would be of great benefit.
    Shelter could be as simple as tons of blankets and cloth diapers. Those sleeper things are great, and if purchased toward the big size, can be used for a while.
    Water for kids is more important than most folks think. I know that folks say not to give it to them too much when they are real small, but I think I am talking more about when they are a little bigger. They won't be able to tolerate treatment chemicals in water that we would just drink down. I see chlorine as likely the best choice. Safe when used properly, and easily counteracted if too strong (just use some vitamin C).

    That's more than 3, I know... it's just what happened to roll of the tips of my fingers.

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    This just came to mind: lavender essential oil, for both your pregnancy and also after delivery (you and the baby). If you're unfamiliar with essential oil, let me know and I'll see what I can dig up - the amounts for infants and small children are very different than for big kids/adults (which is what I have).

    Also, I'd be stocking up on those baby wipes like nobody's business! :D
  6. Clarice

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    Babies are God's gift. Congratulations and good luck.
  7. Tirediron

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    Congrats :congrat: Pedialites , diaper rash ointment, and some kind of teething pain reliever (topical) and tons of baby tylonol
  8. BillM

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    A Breast Pump

    Breast milk will sustain your baby after he/ she is born. If you continue to use a breast pump after the child is weaned, you can wet nurse someone elses child . In a post aprothlitic sociaty this will be a very valuable commodity.

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    I can't help with your question but congratulations. :congrat: Like Clarice said, babies are truly a gift from God. :2thumb:

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    :congrat: Congradulations!!! Nothing better than a new baby!!! Preps for baby, aside from food,water, & clothing I'd stock up on batteries for the swing, I'd hate to be without that! Liquid Motrin, benedryl, simethicone, immodium, Tylenol. Pacifiers! Prepping for baby could be so much fun!:2thumb:
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    Whoo HOO! Babies are great we are at this moment waiting for my daughters labor to progress-its been almost 26 hours now and still only 5to 6 minute contractions.. My grand son is stubborn and they have sent her home from the hospital twice...
    our luck she'll have him on the express way in the back of the car next trip in!

    I have to say diapers and bolts of cloth to make baby clothes or start saving baby clothes.. if you have baby #3 there is always the possibility of baby #4! lol

    Plus everything that was posted above! And good luck!:2thumb:
  12. Lake Windsong

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    A few flat cloth diapers are easy to hand wash & dry (multipurpose).
    Medicines of your choice.
    Pacifier/teething toys.
    Formula for sensitive stomachs, even if breastfeeding. Just in case a myriad of scenarios left your baby needing it...
    Some way to puree food without electricity (when age appropriate..).

    My little one was 5 months old when the April tornadoes came through the south, and these were very beneficial to have on hand during the days when everything local was shut down.
  13. TheShortBlonde

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    Breastfeeding is my number 1, 2, and 3 recommendation. It's wonderful for mother and baby. However, sometimes in a stressful situation, milk production can be supressed, so a back up of formula, bottles, and accessories should be considered. Also, a way to sterilize water and equipment.
    Also, I like the idea of cloth diaps, but you might want to have some disposables available if you're on the move or in a transitional situation and don't have time or resources to store dirty diapers until you can clean them.
    And definitely some type of sling or carrier that snuggles your baby close to you but leaves your hands free.
    Congrats and keep us posted.
  14. Ezmerelda

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    Yes! Also something to consider with cloth diapers - you need a way to heat water to boiling and have bleach, otherwise some bacteria could remain in the diaper fibers after each wash. :eek:

    Congratulations and God bless you and your family! :congrat: