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Do any of you have a bug out route because your bug out spot is far away? My bug out spot is about 2 1/2 hours away from my house, unfortunately. So I was thinking about setting up some rest stops along the way. Nothing major, just going ahead and setting up a camp spot that affords protection and concealment, a campfire hole already dug, a scout pit or lean-to shelter already built with a few 5 gallon buckets of emergency food, water, and supplies. Maybe bury a plastic 5 gal water jerry can after it is sealed good for water resupply. Whats everyones ideas and suggestions?
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Bug out routes/alternates and paper maps are a must.

If you're hiking/biking what normally takes a car 2.5hrs, or if you're planning for a vehicle breakdown (more than one flat tire, debris screwing up your engine/transmission, etc.), you should already have meals thought out/with you. But caching sure wouldn't hurt. It's not too expensive, that's for sure. Make sure it's animal proof. Lots of gnawing creatures out there.

The best bet is to make the journey by vehicle as soon as possible before the skels start preying.

Careful with the water, it may need to be refreshed more often than you think.
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