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It's 'Ay caramba!'
Y'all need to brush up on the ole espanol lingo since they put all y'all down Sur.
In any case, g'day. The espanol translation is b'dia (kind of like bidet with an extra i.)
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Hi Nighthawk, I'm not in Canberra just close, kinda, lol. You'll find lots of valuable info and interesting reading here. Have a look at the fiction, some very good writers amongst members. What has you looking at prepping, if I may ask. Always interested in what makes other Aussie preppers tick. For me it's really about lifestyle, I've always lived like this. I've had quite a few personal SHingTF times and have been so glad I have plenty of everything to get me through.

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It's a long story, but the short version is a sequence of events last year got me looking around with a broader world view and not liking the direction I saw things going very much. I've also recently met a like minded couple and we bounce ideas off each other. I'll PM you a more long winded version when I'm on a real keyboard and not my iphone.

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We're across the ditch and have been looking at this site for some yrs. Have been prep'ing for a couple of yrs before the quakes hit and it paid off BIG TIME! We didn't decide to prep for particular forms of expected s..t to come down upon us all but we are definitely seeing more & more events and negative systems being implemented & or covered up globally. We keep an open mind on messages from other beings and listen & read to so called whacko stuff which is certainly proving worth while and ever increasingly accurate.
Do we trust Go vt systems? Increasingly, like more & more folks we meet, the answer is, no. More folks are taking an interest in getting off the grid and gardening. The difficulties are of course the same world wide, B an ks getting their slaves into their deb t systems more and more, & Go v t telling folks how well it is doing which is a lot of bollocks as even school kids can work out. But because of the average Joe Blow is so riddled with debt, & the currencies are worth less & less, its not as easy to prep as much as we would like to.
If you can find it, Id recommend to try reading a copy of the Pr o to co l. Its not easy reading for many reasons but its worth scrounging a copy from somewhere.
I have seen some good stuff from you diggers over there on Youtube. Lately, a really nice job of a garden system all fenced in a circular enclosure (with netting over top) An excellent design & professionally built. (Youtube clip ) We are planning to copy it on a bit bigger size.

Take care of each other & we wish you wellness & best wishes, now & in the future.
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