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Food: Hard Candy, small tins of potted meat
Drink: Folgers Coffee Bags, water purification tablets
First Aid: Small Johnson and Johnson kit
Tools: Pry bar, leatherman, matches and lighter
Maps and Travel Information: Map of the great State of Texas
Clothing: Flannel shirt, change of drawers for everyone in the family, socks for everyone in the family
Communication: On me at all times. Morse Code key
Lighting: Maglite
Shelter: Car

I also carry more than one blanket and several emergency blankets.

I plan to use the maglite as both a visual aid and a communication tool. Same thing with the emergency blankets.

My bug out bag is partially a bag (to keep the food from moving around) but otherwise it\'s distributed throughout my car.

I\'m always within 30 miles (for the most part) of my BOL, so I have enough food for a three day walk. That\'s ten miles a day at worst.

I keep a box of vacuum sealed coffee bags (I\'m addicted, don\'t want a headache on the road) and although I don\'t smoke on a regular basis I always keep a pack unopened in the car for trading or as an alertness aid.

My First aid kit has been modified for several more analgesic pain killers and stomach medicines along with bug wipes (deet).

I always keep a couple of coat hanger with the flannel shirts, and I\'m carry some cordage for a clothes line or pup tent if the car is no longer mobile.
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