Are Shipping Containers cyclone/hurricane proof?

Discussion in 'General Preparedness Discussion' started by tradershez, Feb 22, 2010.

  1. tradershez

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    Hi there,
    We live in the Cook Islands.
    We are currently in cyclone/hurrican season.

    Does anyone know if shipping containers are cyclone proof?

    We rent our house...the house is concrete but the roofs are all made of corrugated there is always a chance that the roof will get taken off and then I imagine you lose everything in the house...

    Our landlord doesn't have cyclone insurance for the house (totally unaffordable) and so we can't get insurance for our contents if a cyclone hits...

    So...we have been wondering whether we should by a 20ft container, stick it on the grass next to the house...and place all our extra bits an pieces in that and if there is a cyclone of strength 3 or 4 then move all important stuff from house into that...

    It also sounds like a good idea in the event that if the roof does come off we can also run into the container and use as shelter. Also a good idea for the goats for shelter during a storm.

    Does anyone know from experience if this would be a good idea?

  2. Old Sarge

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    I'm afraid they'd blow with the wind, like a big kite. Would need plenty of anchors, buried deep in the ground, with metal strapping over the tops, to anchors on the other side.

  3. backlash

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    Every tornado shelter I have ever seen was underground.
    There must be a reason for that.
    Could you bury it?
  4. katfish

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    They have anchor points on them. Maybe something like that "cable-lock" foundation system for houses. I think that might anchor it to the bedrock and not tear the land lord's yard up to bad.