April 26th, 1992

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    "There was a riot on the streets, tell me where were you?"

    Been watching Rodney King and his struggle with addiction on VH1's Celeb Rehab. He's having to have extensive therapy from his beating by the police? Interested to hear how the riot got started though.

    Anybody ever survived a riot? I haven't seen much talk about surviving riots on this forum. What do guys got?
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    Texas isn't subject to riots since most of us are armed and dangerous.

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    Fixed it for you...
    An armed society is a polite society...

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    Well in order to actually be in a riot, you have to live where there are actually enough people to create a riot where they are not likely to get shot. Here we have a population Density of 14 People per square miles and 10 of those 14 are usually armed. Forget a riot here you'd get shot first.

    Gotta love living out in the boonies especially for some things.
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    That's true. I would hate to see a riot ever break out in Texas....bunch of drunk rednecks running around with shotguns!! LOL JUST KIDDING TEXANS! My husband was born in East Texas.
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    Who sings that song, wetbandit? I can't think of it right now to save my life!
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    I have a relative who lives in LA, he is a police officer, he said when the riots turned toward Hollywood they got within a mile and just stopped and turned back.
    Everybody knew that it was because everybody in Hollywood was heavily armed.

    The Korean store owners were not touched, because every time the rioters got close, they came outside shooting.

    Stupidest thing about that riot was people burning their own neighborhoods, that i do not get...Just anarchy i guess.

    I hate riots, it's humanity at it's very worst.:(

    Is there anybody that doesn't understand our second amendment after that nightmare?
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    Major rioting in Greece right now. Day 3 of it.
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    Sublime sings that song. But I have also heard that someone else originally sang it and Sublime did a cover of it.
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    I was in Whittier, CA. when the LA riots broke out...
    Mostly looting and property damage when the cops disappeared (sheer cowardice).

    The only real violence was replayed over and over again until you think there were Rap/Murder packs roving the streets...
    The truck driver (Reginald Denny) that was beaten by about 3 or 4 thugs, video taped from a helicopter, must have been played 10,000 times alone!

    Most of the damage was in a 4 or 5 block radius, one of the worst drug/whore/gangbanger infested parts of town.

    The cops didn't go there much to begin with, and when the acquittal of the Rodney King cops came down, the cops just disappeared entirely...
    They were actually gone from the area and set up road blocks in a premier around the area several hours before the verdict came down....

    They just gave the area away to the worst scum imaginable and let it burn...

    Cowards in any sense of the word.

    OH, and in case you didn't watch the trial of Rodney King, he had a 13 year drug arrest/conviction record before the beating...
    So I don't think his problems are all related to that single event!
  11. JeepHammer

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    Rape/Murder packs the news was trying to make everyone angry or protesting out to be...

    I got the crap kicked out of me 8 feet away from my employers business by the LA county cops, so I know how they are...
    And I'm the whitest Caucasian to ever walk the planet!
    Any whiter and I'd be clear!

    White guy, oxford shirt, jeans, short hair...
    I didn't understand what the cop was saying, (they speak 'Cop' and 'Street' and I didn't understand the first pass)
    I asked in my white bread midwest tone...
    'Pardon Me?...'

    He though I was giving him attitude and they beat the crap out of me!

    We got shook down every month by the LA city cops, and everybody just pays them...

    I see why LA was so upset!
    Things go to hell in a hurry when your authority figures are so crooked they have to SCREW them into the ground when they die,
    How can you expect the kids to turn out to be much!
  12. skip

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    I feel no need to go any where close to the city. The closest thing to a city we have is a town of 12,000 20 miles away. The closest city over 50,000 is 85 miles away. There are lots of small towns here anywhere from 10- 15 miles apart, with lots of farmland in between.

    If ya don't go near the cities, you don't have to worry about riots.
  13. WakingUp

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    That day - it was either a Thursday, Friday, or Saturday... I was packing my car - a 1985 Honda Civic that had just been through a full "makeover" for a long drive across the country.

    Me and my room mate from college were prepped and ready to move to LA (she from Florida and me from NC.) The day the riots broke out was the day she was supposed to leave Fla to meet me in NC, so we could drive together to LA to start our new lives in a new place, get great jobs, and bit "Cali Girls". I had $1000 cash and a carload of crap. I was ready to bug out.

    Yeah. It did not work out so well b/c that day Tracey (my friend) called me and said her parents were freaking out - that LA was too dangerous (she lived in Miami for crying out loud!!) and it was too far to be away from family if anything happened.

    I wouldn't go alone (skeered!) - and so I (with a bad attitude) stayed put.

    Years later I got a job that sent me to LA and all over the world... and the best days of all of that travel was when the plan touched down at Raleigh-Durham Intn'l airport, when I knew I was finally home.

    I would never live in a big city. Raleigh is too big and too crowded for me. It's sprawl is not dissimilar to parts of LA (the Valley), and some of the neighborhoods (Durham in particular) are not so different (if smaller) than South Central and Watts.

    My goal is to get as far away from "people" as I can. No more desire to be a "Cali Girl"... I wish I could afford to buy 600 acres and put a cabin dead in the middle so as not to see anyone at all - unless I choose to.

    Interesting how time and experience changes us.
  14. Ridgerunner

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    I was living in Sacramento Ca (north Cali). I paid little attention to it because it was Southern Cali and i can't stand the place.
  15. The_Blob

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    I was 8... so I didn't know what was really going on @ the time, but I do remember telling my Dad I would run people over if I was in a big truck & they were throwing bricks @ me... >_<

    yeah, I don't need therapy or anything :rolleyes:
  16. Lester_7

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    Don't get me started on therapy!
  17. Obsidian

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    Riots have their own dynamic. People do things in crowds that they would probably never do as an individual. Later on they may wonder what got into them.

    Also, take any protest. Not all protesters are of the same mind. Not by a long shot. In fact, they probably would argue more with each other than their opposition.

    And every protest I've been at included tag-alongs that just liked trouble. I've seen people who I've never seen before show up to protests, hang out in back, and throw rocks. Never see them again.

    Berkeley, April 4, 1986 (I think)

    I was under arrest, along w/ 88 or so others. We were protesting the university's financial ties to companies doing business w/ South Africa while it was still under Apartheid.

    It was 4:00 am or so when the campus police surrounded us and ordered us to "disperse". I few people had things to do or couldn't afford to be arrested, so they tried to disperse. It's a bit difficult to disperse when you are surrounded by cops and granite and the police won't let you pass. Can you spell setup?

    So busted we were. No riot yet BTW. They loaded all of us on buses owned by the county sheriff's dept. That went off w/o a hitch; no violence at all. A few people went limp.

    By daybreak, thousands of people, not just students, but faculty as well, were blocking the buses from leaving.

    The campus police (many of them rejects from nearby city / county departments) began busting heads of those blocking the buses. Most, but not all the protesters BTW were all sitting, non-violent civil disobedience style.

    Mind you, I was in the back of the second bus. The only windows were in front and back; all the sides were covered. So my view was of the aftermath. (I can tell you what happened in front because I saw video tape and photos about a month later).

    I saw a lot of college students and at least one photojournalist nursing wounds: bleeding, limping, carrying each other away. Broken benches (the kind that are normally fixed to the pavement.) People crying and looking stunned. Debris all over: a backpack here, a couple books there, jackets, this and that.

    Later on I learned of a guy I knew risking his own skin to stop a cop from getting clubbed by a cop. She was just on her way to an early class, had nothing to do with the protest. My acquaintance jumped in front and just stood there.

    Lots of other similar stories. To be fair, some people on "our side" were heaving stuff too, some of it going through the bus windows endangering not only the drivers but us as well. Like I said, tag-alongs.

    I can remember at least four or five different organizations opposed to what the school was doing. Some were more radical than others. Then there were the hotheads, those that would attach themselves to any cause as long as it gave them a chance to throw a rock or burn something. Getting all these organizations just to agree on a time and place is difficult. Tactics? Forget it.

    When we got to the county jail, which is about a mile from where I live right now, all of the other prisoners were cheering us. Why? They may have heard the news but they were mainly reacting to the busted windows on the buses. They figured *we* the arrested ones had something to do with it. We were all in handcuffs and needing to pee. (That was a need to pee that I will *never* forget. Hurts now just to think of it.)

    They charged us with seven felonies. I think the seventh was peeing in the kitchen sink or something. Scare tactics. They dropped it all two weeks later, about the same time all the local media were reporting on their own journalists injured, one hospitalized I think.

    Yes, a riot can be really frightening, even one well below the level of the King riots in LA. People do get hurt.