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I think Appleseed has a lot to offer anyone who uses or plans to use a rifle.
Very high quality of teaching in rifle marksmanship. teach a bit about American History too, It's all good.
Of course I may be biased a bit since I instruct there.

There are literally a hundred of shoots scheduled through the end of the year all around the country.
See here for the schedule

Current Appleseed Schedule

Now I'll tell you that if you do not see a shoot near you, all is not lost.
We have this thing about taking the show on the road.
If you have place where it is legal and safe to shoot a rifle, we will come to you:eek:

We will send a package with information for you to fill out, you get it signed by the range or landowner, we will advertise nationally on our forum and through links, design a flier for you to pass out to likely places in your area, and we have a shoot. what more could you possibly want?

Check The Appleseed Project for more information.

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