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Anyone else live in their main BOL?

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I live at my main BOL. Does anyone else?
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Before I was approved for VA care, I ran up a $5000 bill on medication in less than a year. Now the same meds costs me $105 for a three month supply. But I can only get three months at a time.

I can substitute some of it, but two pills that regulate my heart are required. Doing without them for more than a day, and I can tell it's not beating right.
How far out will the VA let you reorder your meds? I get mine monthly, and my pharmacist told me that most insurance companies will authorize a refill at least 10 days before you run out. Looks to me like mail order ought to at least let you order them 2 weeks ahead. If they will let you order it early, you can get a supply built up, although it will seem like it takes forever. I take an acid reducer, can't sleep or eat without it. Over the past 2 years I have managed to get about 3 month's supply built up. I keep an unopened bottle in my bob, another at work, and one at home. Every 6 months or so I rotate them to make sure the dates are far out.
1 - 1 of 26 Posts
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