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Anyone else live in their main BOL?

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I live at my main BOL. Does anyone else?
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I live in a fairly out of the way place with the supplies and friends to defend it. I have a garden to supply vegetables, and an orchard for fruit. My daughter and her husband raise pigs and rabbits.

I have other places I can go if need be, but intend to stay put unless I am forced to move.
Yes, we have to play the hand we're dealt. One reason I don't plan on budging is I have a serious health problem. Without medication, I won't last but a few weeks. That is the main reason I plan to stay put.
that sux, skip... how expensive/complex/necessary are your meds?

Are there alternatives you can use in an emergency?

Do you have an emergency (1 month) supply cached?

Have you looked into synthesizing your own meds in case of catastrophic infrastructure shut-down?
Before I was approved for VA care, I ran up a $5000 bill on medication in less than a year. Now the same meds costs me $105 for a three month supply. But I can only get three months at a time.

I can substitute some of it, but two pills that regulate my heart are required. Doing without them for more than a day, and I can tell it's not beating right.
1 - 4 of 26 Posts
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