Any other post apocalyptic tv shows?

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    More for entertainment purposes but I only know of three that are at least sort of recent, I don't care to watch anything too dated but these are the three I've seen:

    Jeremiah - it was on showtime in the early 2000's, a virus kills all the adults only, which then leaves the kids to fend for themselves, takes place 15 years after the initial outbreak
    Jericho - it was on cbs(lol which owns showtime) a few years back, 24 nuclear bombs go off in 24 major US cities, first season is about surviving and 2nd is about reconstruction
    The Colony - this was on the discovery channel and just recently ended, unknown virus outbreaks and takes out most the worlds population, group of people take refugee, this is a "reality" tv show lol

    Both Jeremiah and Jericho are on free netflix and the colony is on discovery's website so I watched all of them free and whenever I wanted, lol it worked out really well, mostly too because I hate commercials.

    As far as surviving goes the colony at least made an attempt to focus on that, sometimes it got really staged and was obviously fake but I still enjoyed it. Jericho focuses on the survival more of a town, which is an interesting approach. Lastly Jeremiah focus more on lame drama and dialogue so less exciting.. but there is at least some mention at times about surviving

    here are some sweet photos:



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    The first time I watched Jeremiah I had high hopes for it. The second epsiode showed me it was just going to be a rehash of old westerns where the good guys ride into town to save everyone. Can't say I watched any more after that.

    The Colony was just too unbelievable. Where was the factory worker? Where was the waitress? Where was the janitor? These people are much more likely to be found in a small group. I don't run across many rocket scientists in my daily life. Too much of the stuff they did was stupid. They wasted time on a shower and put up a big sign telling the local raiders 'here we are!'. If there's another season of it I have doubts about watching.

    Jericho I have never watched.

    I've been listening to a sort of 'radio play' about some survivors. It's about zombies though. It's all audio. A new part comes out every couple of weeks or so.

    We're Alive - A "Zombie" Story of survival.

    Each part is around 25 mb in size. If you've got a slow connection you might want to right click on the pictures and 'save as' so you can listen to them without download interruptions. Like I said it's about zombies. Nothing we would face in real life but better than nothing.

  3. youpock

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    Yea it was hard getting through Jeremiah, I skipped maybe 15-20% of the episodes. They filled so much with irrelevant talking it was just boring.

    Haha I also realized that about the colony, and too some of the stuff they were creating is near impossible, when the crazy older guy twists his own coil to make the electrolysis system, when the showed a picture of the coil it was 100% PERFECT there's no way someone hand wound it. There's also tons of camera angles which means there has to be crew on set... lol

    If your in the mood the first season of jericho is maybe worth a watch, I was looking last night and I found it on CBS's website so its available online if your bored.

    I'm going to put some of that audio bit on my ipod, lol I'll listen to it in school.
  4. NaeKid

    NaeKid YourAdministrator, eh?

    One of my favorites was DarkAngel - I got it in the DVD box-sets. Great story about California following a horrible EMP attack .. reality - probably not, but, a great watch anyway.
  5. allen_idaho

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    Jericho was a pretty good series overall. Well worth the watch from start to finish. I actually didn't see it until it had been cancelled for the second time so I didn't know what to expect. Some of the episodes could sort of drag on every now and then but for the most part it was well worth the watch. It was only 2 seasons long but I'm glad I bought the complete series.

    Day One is another series that is supposed to be coming soon to NBC. Well, actually it was changed from being a series to being a mini-series. I don't know when it is supposed to premiere but it is about a group of neighbors in Van Nuys, California who find themselves as survivors of an unexplained global catastrophe. They then try to unravel the mystery of what exacty happened while trying to survive. Here is the website: - '+showname+'

    Survivors is a british tv series which I haven't had a chance to see yet. It is a re-imagining of a tv series of the same name from the 1970's and is about a viral strain which wipes out 99% of the human population. It was recently picked up for a second season. Here is more information:

    Three Moons over Milford was a series I had heard good things about but it was cancelled during it's first season. It is about a meteor which slams into the moon, breaking it into fragments. Those fragments slowly move toward Earth where they will eventually hit the planet and possibly end all life.
    Here is more info:
    Three Moons Over Milford - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    The Battlestar Galactica reboot miniseries is of course a post-apocalyptic story about a robotic revolution with the remnants of humanity waging war in space. I didn't get a chance to see it yet but it was very popular.

    The Tribe is a show from New Zealand with a similar premise to Jeremiah. That is, a virus wipes out all of the adults, leaving a world full of children who must fend for themselves. I haven't seen it but it did last 5 seasons.

    Odyssey 5 was supposed to have been pretty good but it only lasted one season. It is about five astronauts who witness the destruction of Earth and are sent five years back in time to try to keep that event from happening. Strangely, the show was cancelled even though it was one of Showtime's highest rated shows.

    Invasion was a short lived series which lasted one season. It was similar to invasion of the body snatchers, about an alien parasite which begins taking over a small florida town after a hurricane. The show was cancelled by ABC because of Hurricane Katrina, feeling that viewers may be too sensitive about the storyline.
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  6. Canadian

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    I enjoyed Battlestar Galactica.
  7. youpock

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    I forgot about Dark Angel, that show came out when I was like 12ish. I totally had the hots for jessica alba lol and she had super powers.

    Some of these other shows look pretty good, I'm gonna have to get to it lol
  8. Oroborus

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    I've watched Surviving Disaster on Spike, which depicts some pretty hardcore survival events. It doesn't have that MTV Real World type format that The Colony had and actually has some pretty good tips like hunkering down a nuclear fallout and working through a pandemic threat.
  9. allen_idaho

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    I think I'd really like to put together something like "The Colony" as a training course. Do you think people would want to do something like that?

    I figure you could use a vacant, secluded area to use as your post-apocalyptic wasteland. Then have your "survivors" learning how to build a variety of useful things in order to survive for a week or two. This would be more of a technical course than a survival course.
  10. magicJ3

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    the walking dead
    the event
    falling skies
    under the dome
  11. VoorTrekker

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    I like the idea, it may never make television, but videos do sell.
    As a real event, I can see people taking vacations so long as they don't have to experience too much hardship. (Hotels and restaurants available, etc.)

    There was a TV show called "Marooned" way back when. A "reality show" which was cancelled before airing because the "players" quit because they didn't want to sleep on the deserted island and wanted daily shopping excursions for cigarettes and soda.
  12. ZangLussuria

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    Jericho - I miss this show. They cancelled after 2 seasons so the end of the 2nd season's storyline was rushed. This was despite being iTunes most downloaded series at that time but the producers followed the Nielsen ratings instead. Season 3 was supposed to be a web comic just for closure. I'll look for the copy in my computer. Should be in there somewhere.

    After Armageddon - History Channel feature/documentary about what would happen if a global epidemic happened.

    Apocalypse 101 - Nat Geo reality show series similar to Doomsday Preppers but not as intense. Pretty good actually but I can only find 5 episodes of it. Not sure if there are more.
  13. Wilderness77

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    Just finished season 1 of Revolution on Netflix. Is about all of the power on the planet going out. Cant wait for season 2, starts in a week or so on NBC.
  14. Sentry18

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    There is actually an apocalyptic channel. All they do is talk about doom and gloom, some of which is based in truth but but most of it is fiction. It's called CNN. I can't watch it because the plot line sucks, the actors come off as fake and their heros are all kinda dumb. :teehee:
  15. dave_fuches

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    although it had a few things i didn't like, i thoroughly enjoyed jericho.

    i finished it last spring and ironically enough, this series was directly responsible for my transition from outdoorsman to prepper.
  16. MadMartiggan

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    Apocalypse Man on YouTube, originally it was on Discovery many great ideas to think about and incorporate and I also liked After Armageddon and Apocalypse 101 too. Watched both seasons of The Colony and felt it was too staged and unrealistic, But ironically Love The Walking Dead !!!! :brickwall:

  17. ZangLussuria

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    For you Jericho fans out there that need some additional storyline because they cancelled the show after season 2. Season 3 was continued as a comic mini-series and made into a graphic novel.

    They already started season 4.
    Netflix has expressed interest in bringing it back to TV.
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    Not a series, but just heard that NatGeo is having a show called American blackout on oct 27th. A 2 hour show talking about what would happen in America after a cyber attack shuts down the grid.
  19. oldvet

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    :rofl::trophy1: Now that was funny. :D:D:2thumb:
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    I am a shameless Walking Dead fan. The new season starts Sunday!!! I have no idea why I like it so much, not much is plausible at all, but I do. There is just something about a man and a crossbow :2thumb: