Any of you anti-government libertarians…

Discussion in 'Politics' started by jafl, Jun 5, 2009.

  1. jafl

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    masquerading as conservatives remember this:

    “Now, so there will be no misunderstanding, it is not my intention to do away with government. It is, rather, to make it work-work with us, not over us; to stand by our side, not ride on our back. Government can and must provide opportunity, not smother it; foster productivity, not stifle it” –Ronald Reagan, First Inaugural Address, January 20, 1981.
  2. Hardas Singh

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    I agree fully with that statement.

    I guess I would say the closest political party I identify myself with would be libertarian, although I must add that I am also a staunch conservative.

  3. sailaway

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    I think I am more pro country than anti government. I want the best for all of us. Government should be evolved from easy street and returned to main street. I personally am tired of globalization and would like to go and do something else for a while. I am an independant and extremely conservative in my thinking. I am also interested in attending a tea party. I am tired of working hard and having to give most of it away. I also think times in the good ol' USA were alot more fun when everybody had a living wage job and a little money in their pocket to spend.:)
  4. fun4wheelerguy

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    I would have to say that I am a Conservative Constitutionalist and I totally agree with Ronald Reagan. I believe that he was our best president ever !

    Remember the Constitution was written to keep the rights of the people and keep the government from meddling and controlling us. Obviously the liberals are against it because they want all of the control. May God help us as a nation and we learn from our mistakes.
  5. cattlefarmer

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    I feel very close to what sailaway posted.
  6. Expeditioner

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    My sentiments are similar to Sailaway's. I do believe that we should be world players but not to the extent that it erases our national identity. :ignore:
  7. Bigdog57

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    After the debacle of late 2008, I am finished with the GOP. They let us all down.
    I am an Independent, and a rightwing Conservative. I am NOT anti-Government - we need a Government that works with this nation's interests at heart. I do believe a large part of the current Administration definitely does NOT do that. I oppose these particular members and all they stand for - with bobo and his evil mistress pelosi at the top of the list. :rolleyes:
  8. Herbalpagan

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    Every country needs a government, it's just a matter of how big that government is. I think that our founding fathers set up a good working model of what government should be and made rules to that affect to keep government small. Our government has gotten out of hand, putting it's nose in everyones business. We need to step back and remember the Constitution and follow it. We need to find a way to reign in our politicians. Our government works for us but that's not what they are's been that way for a long time.
  9. doc66

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    I am a big Ronald Reagan fan. As he once siad, "I don't believe in a government that protects us from ourselves."

    That being said, I'm all for the United States Government, just not the currently elected one. Or the last one for that matter. As a matter of fact, the last US government I was for was Reagans.
  10. The_Blob

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    don't forget, the founding father's original concept for the federal government was as close to anarchy as you could get & yet still have some modicum of structure, yet failed because it had NO power... unfortunately
  11. the_examined_life

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    While I agree completely with RR's quote I don't quiet understand the intro to the libertarians...

    I'm not that big on political titles these days. I was a republican until I watched our constitutional freedoms get trampled upon by Bush with the Patriot Act and subsequent expansions of the Government. It was and remains completely contrary to fundamental Republican belief in small government more individual rights and accountability. We saw more Gov expansion under that administration that any other in years... I think this is the big reason for the fallout in 2008.

    In 2004 I aligned myself with the Libertarians after I studied up on the conservative libertarian view and saw that it was much more conservative that the Republican Party could ever be. The focus was on the constitution and getting back to basics... again, limited government and more individual rights responsibility and accountability.

    Right now I think both the Reps and the Dems are a joke. I personally consider myself a political atheist at this point not believing in any of the major parties that exist today. I firmly believe in the constitution and that the Gov works for us… we don’t bow down to it! Furthermore, what’s wrong with opposing Gov. or current establishment? It’s a F$&*ing joke right now. It is so far removed from anything constitutional from the new branches of government, the Federal Reserve, the Patriot Act, new guidelines for Codex… the list goes on and on and on.
    Fighting over parties isn’t the answer… it’s the people uniting under a common cause and objective to take this country back and have a government that works for the people again like RR said in his quote.
  12. Vertigo

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    You are absolutely right with that statement and this is not only true in the US, all over the western world, the mayor parties are all turning into shadows of what they previously believed. This has all to do with winning votes and nothing else. By positioning themselves more in the middle as opposed to either left or right for example, they can win massively more votes. Smaller parties never get enough support with their more drastic and loyal views, both left and right, because the people who elect do not wish to provoke or do not care to keep their beliefs themselves.

    It is in my opinion the education and core values of a true nation-state, not a government-state, that need to be reinstated.

  13. the_examined_life

    the_examined_life Active Member

    Amen... It's the lack of education and ability to think for one's self that has led us astray. A perfect example is how most people vote from sound bites they heard on the news or talk radio show. They don't investigate someone's voting record to see where their true character lies. They wait for the talking heads to tell them what they think. They watch to see what's "cool and popular" without forming their own opinion. Most people are lost. They don't know what their core values so how do you expect them to find it in a candidate let alone a political party? If people would turn off the TV, take time to get to know their own core values, READ and educate their self as to the issues at hand...then vote or evaluate candidates and political systems... we would have a whole different landscape before us now.

    Think about it. We are supposedly the "poster child" to the free world as to how democratic republic works and yet when it comes to voting, we have an average turnout of 30-40% of our population....of that, in the general election, it us usually won by 50 something percent. When all is said and done we have 15-18% of our population who actually voted for the person in office. Those who voted, did they actually read and evaluate their choice? or did they go along with the crowd?
  14. waynemart

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    Notice how even conservatives blame the present situation on Republicans. Yes, Bush was no conservative, but most of the crap we are experiencing now is a result of mandated stuff by the Democrat controlled Congress. Its roots go back to Clinton. The worst of all this came from the banking debockle. Funny how that fell apart just one month before the election. Anyone believing it was a coincident is living on Mars. Democrats have been dishing out bad medicine for a long time and the media places the guilt on the Republicans when the results are bad. We can blame most of our problems today on Barney Frank for forcing banks to give out high risk loans. And, what the media is not exposing, is the fact that he is still chairman of the most powerful committee in America and is still forcing banks to give loans to people who can't pay it back.
  15. the_examined_life

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    Preach on waynemart.... our ultimate issue is the banking system and the control the federal reserve has on this country. The incestual relationship between the FED, Goldman Sachs and the Gov makes me sick. The exploitations of the Fed needs to end if there is to be any real change in Gov. We need to take back out right to be in charge of our own issuance of currency and debt and not be dictated to by private bankers who operate in their own best interest or else we will remain slaves to the system and watch an ever expanding government who will continue to subject its people to the desires of the Fed.
  16. SnakeDoc

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    I will always support liberty over the interests of the bureaucracy. As Washington said: "Arbitrary power is most easily established on the ruins of liberty abused to licentiousness. "
  17. kenny

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  18. mrghostwalker

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    "When the people fear the government, there is tyranny;
    when the government fears the people, there is liberty."

    President Thomas Jefferson
  19. allen_idaho

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    I'm not really anti-government. But I am strongly against former President Bush. I'm going to go ahead and assume he is the worst President in American history thus far.

    But I guess we would have been screwed either way. Pointless conflicts with Bush or extreme yet ineffective measures to abate global warming with Gore. Can you say "Carbon Credits"? You aren't polluting any less but at least you'll feel good about yourself.

    The one thing I don't like about my government is the taxes. Not so much the amount or why I am paying them, but the way they are spent. You would think that the people would get a say in that. I'd rather not have invested in those billions of dollars worth of cancelled and abandoned military projects over the years. A new Destroyer that can't defend itself from attack and a $9 billion Artillery project that achieves absolutely nothing but wasting money? Seriously?

    I didn't want to pay to invade the wrong country. I don't want to bail out some bank so they can turn around and give themselves raises. I don't like funding some politician's weekend getaway with a limo full of hookers.

    I would rather my taxes went to something for the benefit of all mankind (i.e. space program, food research, medical research) than this useless crap. It's a democracy. Let's vote on it. It would not be difficult to implement an internet voting system on these things, America. We have the technology.

    A government is supposed to work FOR the people.
  20. kenny

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    We no longer have a goverment by the people for the people we have a ruling class in power. I didnt like Bush but I would take anyone over the clueless three that are running the show now.