Any good medical/animal medical book recommendations?

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    I've looked through the survival library lists and was a bit overwhelmed but I wondered if anyone could give me the name of a good animal medical book?, I'm going to be a vet hopefully, but there is another four years before I get started and being the only person in my family who doesn't faint at the sight of blood, I think i'll start the medical prep now. This is my first thread so thanks for bearing with me:D
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    WELCOME, :welcome:Josella from a long time preparer. Look forward to your further replies and posts.
    Here is a couple I have on hand... and good luck with your planned schooling.

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  3. GroovyMike

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    Take a look at titles by J.D. Belanger.
    He was teh long time editor of Countryside and Small Stock Journal and wrote guides for poultry, and goats among others.