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  1. CrackbottomLouis

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    Whatever gets you out enjoying gods green earth is a good thing :)
  2. hashbrown

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    My brother, son and I camp quite a bit in the fall and winter. We have a couple of semi permanent shelters around our place. I'm hoping to have enough time to build a little trapper style cabin this winter.

    shelter.jpg shelter2.jpg shelter3.jpg

  3. musketjim

    musketjim Well-Known Member

    We started out tent camping, upgraded to a motorhome and we also have a remote off grid BOL cabin, that the Grandkids say "Feels like home". This summer we had an awesome 5 day tent trip on the Chilkoot Trail (Klondike Gold Rush) 3 generations of family.:D
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  4. RedBeard

    RedBeard Guest

    This guy was an idiot! Complete and udder moron! I don't feel a bit bad for him.
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  5. Meerkat

    Meerkat Seeking The Truth

    We have a 21' 2017 Clipper, hubby loves it but I don't ilke the dept. We went to find a small used one for solar and left with the exact opposite of what we went for.
    I worry it may be too much for my old van.
    It is really nice but so was my paid for tent and new camp beds,etc,etc,etc, we just bought before TT.
    We know how to stay warm in cold and cool in hot weather.
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  6. Meerkat

    Meerkat Seeking The Truth

    Sounds like a great adventure.
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  7. Meerkat

    Meerkat Seeking The Truth

    Red ,there are worse people out there and yes he was very foolish but he did not deserve it. He never hurt anyone or anything. :(
    They don't call it wild life for nothing, of course there are some cities even more dangerous than the wild.:eek:
  8. 101airborne

    101airborne Well-Known Member

    Wish we could do more. But at least we do go several times a year, even if it's only to harmonie state park about 30 minutes from here. it's peaceful away from the bustle of city life. Wife loves it.
  9. RedBeard

    RedBeard Guest

    Im not saying he was a bad person im saying he was dumb and according to the laws of nature he deserved what he got. People in grizzly country don't carry a gun or bear mace because the bears want to make friends. The only thing he proved to me was what i already knew, don't try and be their friend because it is a bear and it will probably eat you at some point.
  10. gabbyj310

    gabbyj310 Not so new

    Many years ago we(my ex and I) camped the old fashion way,in a tent.I've stayed in a tent with 2 kids under 4 with rain for over a week and everything had to be stacked in the middle of the tent to stay somwhat dry and a hole in the floor to let the rain water OUT.Cooked with a umbrella over me on a coleman stove.Finally I said ENOUGH lets go home.Ex wanted to go fishing again and I said you go out in that boat I will leave you here and take the kids home...He went I took the kids home and he had to catch a ride with friends home.No camping for me unless it's in style!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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  11. SheepdogPRS

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    I grew up back-packing into the wilderness areas of Washington. Everything you pack in, you pack out. For some reason the pack was always heavier going out than coming in. We learned a lot about staying comfortable and safe and had some great times in the process. I can't do much of that anymore but I can't call using a vehicle camping. I guess I'm stuck somewhere in the middle.
  12. Meerkat

    Meerkat Seeking The Truth

    I had to laugh at you on this one.:) You have a point, but I still feel bad for them.
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  13. Meerkat

    Meerkat Seeking The Truth

    Oh my sorry about the leak. None of our tents ever leaked but in storms they would almost lay down on you or carry you away by squall, but that is 1 in a million we just got unlucky.
  14. weedygarden

    weedygarden Well-Known Member

    It is because of people like this that rangers are out in force in places like Yellowstone when there are bear sightings. I have a few experiences in my 3 times there that showed just how ignorant people are.
    When my daughter was an infant, we were driving through. We saw a bison and stopped. There was a family with an older grandmother who wanted her photo taken with it. They kept waving her back, to be closer to it. We had to leave because it was so scary. I said in the car, "This is a photo of Grandma being charged and killed by the bison at Yellowstone." It was a joke. The next day we heard that an older woman had been killed by a bison there. We knew who that was!
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  15. gabbyj310

    gabbyj310 Not so new

    It was raining so much water was coming in everywhere.The kids were sick and I was sick and tired!
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  16. Meerkat

    Meerkat Seeking The Truth

    The trick to no leaks is don't touch the sides or tent walls when it is wet.
    And never throw yourself down on an air mattress like I did when mad at hubby, looking full could be an illusion.
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  17. Meerkat

    Meerkat Seeking The Truth


    Bison can be very territorial and will stomp you. Sad story though.
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  18. tleeh1

    tleeh1 Well-Known Member

    We tent camped for nearly 40 years and loved ever minute of it -- rain, heat, snakes, thunderstorms, mosquitoes, hail, flooding, bear & elk in camp notwithstanding. We even tented a couple of times after my husband was diagnosed with cancer, but it wasn't as much fun -- hard to get in and out of and sleeping on the ground (even with an air mattress) just didn't make it. We picked up an older 18ft travel trailer, and have enjoyed it immensely the past 3 years. Now that we're older, it's nice to have the conveniences close at hand.
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  19. ContinualHarvest

    ContinualHarvest Member

    Tents, bedrolls, hammocks, pop-ups, RVs, I've camped in all of them. I keep a hammock in the car with some tree straps if needed. I love camping but haven't been able to go since the baby was born. Hopefully, soon though. He's getting big!
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  20. grizzinak

    grizzinak Active Member

    Sold my tents and I'm looking for another
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