Anxiety fears over the thoughts of dying

Discussion in 'Religion' started by SMC67, Nov 6, 2010.

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    Is common place in my head the last few years. Especially at night when I go to bed. Wondering if at the age 43 this is normal :confused: I know it is extremely bothersome :gaah:
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    It isn't unusual to experience greater fear of dying as you grow older. For most people it's at that age when the first of your friends will die due to various causes and it makes a person realize that the clock is inexorably moving on. It can be especially acute if a loved one or close friend dies.

    Another thing that happens about then is that we begin thinking about "retirement" and how we'll spend "the rest of our life." Our kids are often grown or nearly so and we begin to see ourselves in new roles.

    I don't have any great one-liners to bring comfort. One thing to remember is that this may be the beginning of the most exciting time of your life. Try to concentrate on the things that make you feel alive and needed.

    You should also realize that God does have a plan for your life and ain't nothing going to interfere with that plan until He gives the okay.
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  3. jungatheart

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    Carl Jung said something like: The fear of dying is really the fear of living. Thinking of death reminds us that we have things still to do in our life. Most people who have really lived their life aren't really afraid of dying. It's the people who haven't done what their soul tells them to do that are.

    I recommend you ask yourself what you are afraid of doing because it is usually a good indicator of what you need to do.
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    I like that.........I had this problem a little bit......for me i came to realize it was that i wasnt living my life as i knew in my heart I should of been living.....I felt as though I was wasting much time and not being true to myself......Not to accomplish any one specific goal or task but as a whole.......once i changed some of my behaviors, and started living as I beleive i was supposed to, the fear of death quickly left
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    Works for me

    In my life time I've only lost 3 people who were really close to me, two buddies who died in car crash's... and a few years ago my SO who at 49 was found to have a tumor, 90 days and gone..poof... that one took the wind out of my sails.. She never cried ,whined , or asked "why me".. when they gave up on chemo she simply asked how long she had and was told a month.. her reply was " well it's not what I wanted to hear but there it is"... we went home and a week later she was gone..
    My attitude about it was kind of created when I was watching Carson I think it was, he had George Burns on and asked him since he was 90+ how he felt about dying.. George blew on the tip of his cigar and said " It's already been done"...

    The time one worries about dying is time one isn't living... don't waste time on crap.. go , see, do... we start dying with our first breath...and spend the rest of our life dying... enjoy the day.. every time I watch a beautiful woman walking along I smile and say Thank you !! every breath is a bonus!
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    my life hasn't been golden by far, but much better than some. I never craved riches, as I know that it can be more of a curse than a blessing to have an abundance; if you don't use it for lifting up others.

    Grizzly Adams was a symbol of what I thought Id be like when I got older..

    It just seems there isn't enough time on the clock.. and the clock is ticking. No one has given me a countdown number, but I do know the men in my family check out before 65;with only a couple exceptions.

    Days fly by and years just keep rolling off quickly. Mostly the fear of the unknown. Not knowing what's to come bugs the ch!t out of me. My dad believed that once you dead your done, gone, no more -

    I use to be a decent bible thumper, until I ask'd god to search my soul and all of a sudden It was like I was put in isolation and shame fell upon my life.
    Maybe this is why Humans need " Hope" to inspire fulfillment.

    This is the very thing that separates us from all other living thing on this planet. When I am asked to show me proof of "GOD" I try to draw the line between animals and humans. This " line " is helps me hang on. How is it we are the only beings in this vast space that Inspires hope for an after life?
    Why are we the only beings that has to atone for SIN. My dogs has no grief, guilt for his sin. My Dog Places a stumbling block before me, causes me to cuss, and he kills for no other reason than for sport. He doesn't obey - Some times. He is actually minds better than most kids but I'm trying to draw an example about how is it we are the only ones that have to the burden of SIN.

    I mean I wasn't even there when Adam and eve sinned. Why couldn't God wipe sin from the world like a fly in your house. Why is it that we have to walk in the mess our parents made with no chance to fix it. What would the world been like if Adam and eve hadn't sinned, was Sin coming or was Sin always present? It just pisses me off...not knowing..and having to fret over it. Whould be nice to have a " RED Phone " to GOD.
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  7. mosquitomountainman

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    "It is beautiful how God has done everything at the right time. He has put a sense of eternity in people's minds. Yet, mortals still can't grasp what God is doing from the beginning to the end of time." Ecc. 3:11 (God's Word version)

    True, mankind is the only part of creation that has a concept of life after death.

    The presence of sin helps draw us to God. The remedy for sin is what brings us hope. Read Romans 3:20-26 for starters. If you've accepted Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior the penalty has been paid. You are a son of God. The next step is the hard one ... go live like a child of God. Even when you fail at the second part remember that you're still a child of God and He will never reject you.
  8. Concerned_ Citizen

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    My wife is reading a book authored by Elkart Tole i think.......His claim is the original meaning of the word "sin" is lack of awareness..........Makes alot of sense to me wether thats correct or not. Awareness, i LOVE that word. I am not a religious person by any means......I do consider myself a spiritual person though and try to elevate my awareness and conscience on a daily basis.....I believe the power of "God" is actually a power within the divinity within and you will know the divinity outside of yourself.......
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    Well same age as me I know I'm going to die I have yet seen anyone get out of this world alive, :surrender:
    Live my life as best I can try n put worry aside daughter wife step kids to think about, Stop dwelling on it look at the good in ur life or the good u can do.
    For me to get out of myself and stop worrying or self pity I try n help others
    Just my .02
    Best of luck.....
  10. thunderdan19

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    To the OP: You've got a few years on me, but yeah, for me a couple years back I just had this feeling like it was my last year on Earth. I never told anyone (my wife would have freaked out) and didn't really dwell on it, but i just had that feeling. I guess it was more of a looking back toward "the peak" as your body goes from growth and quick recovery to longer recovery and slow degeneration. And, of course, accidents happen too.

    That year, I got to the point where I knew I needed to be a little better about what I ate and drank and get myself under control and not count on being able to burn off whatever I consumed. I lost my extra 30 lb and got in better shape. I decided to be more affectionate to my wife and kids, to be consciously present when I'm in the room, to say no to guilt and not be walked upon by the inconsiderate, and to be thankful for all I've been blessed with.

    Well, I was relieved when my next birthday came and went, and I was actually better off physically than the previous year. Since then, I have had my share of new aches and pains (some every day now), and feel it more after heavy activity, but I push through, pop ibuprofin when necessary and drive on. Nobody's getting younger, and getting older sucks, but hey, I still don't expect to see twice my age so I might as well make the best of the here and now. So let's live while we're alive.

    In relation to the God issues: yeah, I think most of us have them at times. He doesn't make it easy on us. I've prayed and wished for a long time for a simple "yes, I am actually up here" sign, but have never received one that I've recognized, so I'm stuck with living by faith like everybody else I guess :rolleyes: . Childlike faith doesn't come easy to a skeptic like myself, but if it were easy, everybody'd be doing it, right?

    I guess I kinda see it like this. God made us with our own ability to think and therefore choose, you know, free will. Reason: he wants to be loved. You can't love someone who forces you to love them. With that free will comes the ability to choose between loving yourself most of all (selfishness) or loving God and other people. Sin is the result of us choosing to love ourselves more than God and accepting his plan.

    But, we are going to fail. That much is given. If we didn't fail, there'd be no need for redemption. So other than doing my best to minimize it, I don't dwell on it, feel guilty all the time over it or obsess about it, because it's been paid for, dearly, but the only person that could. So I just try to live the best I can with gratitude, love and respect for God and my family, friends and fellow people. That's the best I can do at this point, and ultimately, it's God's choice as to whether that's enough.

    Hope that helps a little.
  11. jnrdesertrats

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    I am 47 and more spiritual in the native american sense than religious.

    Much like thunderdan19 said I try to be more affectionate with family. I make a real effort not to let the last thing I say to a loved one be negative. You never know when that will be the last thing the ever heard from you.

    I watched Kung Fu Panda last night and they had a quote. It's corny but rings kinda true.

    Yesterday is the past, tomorrow is uncertain but today is a gift that is why it is called the present.
  12. OldCootHillbilly

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    I got a few years on ya. At times, it does wiegh upon a soul. I found durin them times, it is best ta be with family. Spend time with em. I also have found that I enjoy helpin folks, whether it be in a spiritual way, er physically, gives my life some more purpose. An no even bein a Reverend, I don't subscribe ta what I call "commercial religon". Faith never was an should not be about money.

    I think God put us here ta do things, maybe only things he knows, but there be a purpose. Then, the time comes when he needs our help in heaven, er where ever yall beleive ya go after death crosses our doorstep. Think of things ya done, things ya wan't ta do. Do as many of em as ya can, sometimes the simple things be better then the huge plans some folks make.

    There will always be times when ya think a death, ya can't dwell on it, consider it yes, but then get back ta livin. It's what life is supposed ta be about.
  13. *Andi

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    Very nice! :2thumb: (I also follow the spiritual of the native americans )

    I had to watch Kung Fu Panda ... also ... Grandbabies :2thumb: are a true gift. :D
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    I have contracted with a relative's biotech co. for a secondary reprieve. The system will excise my brain, hook my brain up to a computer, and we go from there. It costs almost $750k. What will this be like? Think of Stephen Hawking. That is the next step on the stairs to eternity.
  15. The_Blob

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    technology singularity here we come :rolleyes:
  16. *Andi

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    I again am lost ... but what new ...:ghost:
  17. GroovyMike

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    Fear of death? No way! When people ask if I'm a surviavlist I say absolutely not, I'm immortal. Christians never die!
  18. SMC67

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    Life moved like molassas until 25-29, Now it seems it is in fast forward. Every Day I wake up in some sort of pain or ache.
    ''Hey thanks for the post"
  19. BillM

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    What seperates Man from Animals!

    What makes Man different than animals ?
    A hawk sees better. A horse runs faster. A lion is more ferocious. Whales communicate from one side of the Earth to the other without the benefit of electronics. They all have a nature given by God and they follow it. I believe this pleases God. They do exactly what God created them to do !
    Man has a natural side also and without God , he follows his nature but this is not enough to please God , for man to just follow his own nature.
    The one thing God gave man that separates him from the animals is the ability to rise above his own nature and become like God.
    If man fails to do this, he refuses the gift God has offered to him.
    This is the only unforgivable sin, to blaspheme against the holy ghost.
    Man is the only creature that God created and gave this choice to.
    The ability to choose is the difference that sets man above the other living creatures God made.
    Where there is no choice, there is no sin. We have a choice!
  20. Asatrur

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    Assuming your religion believes in sin and is guilt based. Mine does not. As for choice, we do a real ****ty job of choosing the right things to do as humans versus animals.