Antigovernment Protests Sweep Through Middle East

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    Being that I'm not a psychic, I was not expecting this to happen after Mubarak stepped down in Egypt. I mean...I was expecting some form of change but it just seems to be picking up speed in different places in the middle east at an alarming rate.

    Violence In Bahrain As Antigovernment Protests Sweep Through Middle East - Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty © 2011

    What I'm concerned most about is what will this cause and effect have on the rest of the world? We're already seeing oil prices jumping but I wonder what else is going to happen. I know some of you folks are news junkies. I hope someone can give me some idea as to where this is heading. I'm not ready yet if this does cause more issues in the US! Let's pause for a few years and maybe I'll be ready! I'm literally broke.:D:gaah:
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    As long as the turmoil stays contained within each country things might end up OK. My concern is if one country tries to take advantage of another country's problems... i.e. someone attacks Isreal or they pre-empt on some other country... If those claiming to have nukes really do (and use them), things could get bad really fast.

    Obviously the turmoil is going to affect prices of anything coming out of or at least going through that region.

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    Being that I know some people who know where such things generally go,may I suggest a 55 gallon drum loaded with fuel saver become a permeanant resident of your tool shed?maybe keep your go pack handy as well?

    When it goes to poop, the poop will splatter fast.head to open country away from the cities.
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    It's a good thing I'm already in the country, high up in the mountains. :D I need to buy a shotgun, ammo galore and a bow... maybe I'd feel a wee bit better about my situation out here. Beans, bullets, and Bandaids!:eek:

    In other news, you folks see that the Muslim Brotherhood is trying become an official political party in Egypt? I feel that they will play a significant role in Egypt's political changes. Whether they are terroristic or not is apparently disputed among people and political parties alike.
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    Mubarak did have to go, that's for sure, but he was leaving in 6 months... I don't see how the Liberal Lamestream Media can try to convince people this is such a 'good thing', that a military coup has suspended the constitution, instituted martial law for 'until the crisis has passed' and has absolutely NO publicly stated plan to institute the 'democratic reforms' that were supposedly the issue here... Iraq hasn't even come out of the quagmire yet, these things do NOT happen overnight.
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    Blob, Egypt has been in already under martial law for 30 years of Mobarak rule.
    Egyptains and us around them are happy it is in army's hands . At least the army does not claim it is a democracy !!

    During Mobarak time, there were many ridiculus rules do not know how much of a martial law it was for that looong time. For example, a TV guy called Ibrahim Eisa was jailed repeatedly, one of them a few years back was when Eisa said in his TV show that Mobarak was ill ( deteriorating health ). When Eisa was realeased out of jail, he said a president who jails people for such trivial reasons as not worthy of ruling Egypt.

    In every "election" Egypt held, serious competition was crippled in advance using dirty , or even trivial, methods like when his regime threw some Moslem Brotherhood ( or Wafd, Kefaya ..etc. ) members in jail for 3 days - during elections - because of "parking violations" or "car registration" charges. We all knew the real reason.

    OK, talking about now. I am not that pessimistic. Let's hope I am right.
    A few days ago , a few Saudis established a new bank in Egypt. That goes along what I think is going to happen, which a better busness-friendly Egypt after mobarak and his son Jamal left Egypt. Finally a free market will be really free without them and their mafia.

    And another great thing is happeneing .
    Finally, you and us are getting rid of Gaddafi, I hope.

    After the fall of Tunisian president, Gaddafi blamed Tunisian people of not acting wisely and losing a "great" man. And then he went on talking about his stupid regime as a model !!!! and asked the Tunisians if they did not like their gov model why they did not simply "suggest to their president to shift from republic sytem to his ( Gaddafi) type of gov" !!!!

    I don't know.
    This guy Gaddafi is certainly not living on Earth.
    He may have fallen on Earth from some asteriod. !!!!

    BTW, the word "violence" has been mentioned in most discussions about anti-government protests here. From my corner of the world, I can say that most of these protests are PEACEFUL and civilized, and only gov side is using force or wrecking havoc. Only exception I can see from my side of the fence is Lybia, where both sides are acting violently.

    In Bahrain, demonstration supporting the government includes hundreds of Indians or Bangladeshis who have been granted Bahraini citizenship despite the protests of the local citizens. They are saying the country is small and poor. They are not finding enough housing or jobs. As such the gov move to nationalize Indians or Bangladeshis or Pakistanis is as hostile to them as it can get. This is one of the reasons for the protests in that country.

    The Bahraini king has asked his son to start a dialogue with protestors. But he better know this time is is VERY serious and he has only one chance. If he does what he did a few times before ( when he promised and cheated the public) , it will be heading for deep trouble.
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    Regarding Egypt again

    The army has already appointed Mr. Tariq Al-Bishri to head a committee that sees the development of the new constitution. This guy is respected all over and accpeted by the Egyptains. At least that is what I am hearing on my side.

    And actually Mobarak has never cared about any constitution in his time.

    (he was leaving in 6 months...) was not guaranteed.

    He was chocked by the noose and he had to say it. Same goes for all his last minute "reforms" like appointing a vice president ..etc. Egyptains have been asking for these for long long time but he didn't care. It was only when he realized how serious it was getting, that he issued those statements, and mabe just to buy him some time.

    Actually his statement (he was leaving in 6 months...) was seen by many Liberation Quare protestors as an attempt to split the opposition. And it did work to some extent. An hard liner opposition guy named Mostafa Bakri who was exremely anti-Mobarak came on TV and said it was OK for Mobarak to stay for a few months until the end of his term. But those in Liberation Square had other thoughts, and accpeted nothing less than Mobarak immediate departure.

    They were apparently fed up with any promises.
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    Every event has been preplanned and is in motion for a world wide crash. Even our sorry so called leader has given his ok for the unions to start it here. Who do ya think will get the blame not them that's for sure. Not one person with half a brain, cannot see our country is broke period and with out the deep cut's to come. Starting with the govt. unions and private ones. The retirement checks will stop a lot sooner than people think, even social security is a dead duck. The govt. knows this their just waiting like vultures, they know very well what's around the bend. They helped it get to this point. :mad:
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    first Tunisia, Egypt, Bahrain, Yemen, Libia, China, The barely unheard protests of Africa, Wisconsin in the US, Seattle police protests, now Morocco...
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    I think I'm overloading myself with all this news. Between the protests in the Middle East and in the US, the Somali Pirate attacks, the Iranian Warships in the Suez canal, New Zealand's earthquake...etc....

    My head is going to EXPLODE! Too much information all at once. :gaah::surrender:

    This made me realize that the ball has been pushed off the hill and is picking up speed!:(
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    I can't see things getting any better for a while if ever. I am not a doomsayer. This is just fact. So don't panic. Just continue to prepare as before and step up the pace if at all possible. My main thought is the cost of fule will skyrocket. This will cause the prices of everything to go up, way up. The main thing is to keep your head on straight, you will be able to accomplish so much more if you don't panic.
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    Check this out. especially see the video at the end of the page. sigh

    Obama and Israel?
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    Unfortunately they hate their leaders as much as the hate the US. Our involvement (read: butting in and trying to control) in their affairs for too many years makes us their enemy also. I hate to think of the consequences but Uncle O. is going to pull some bone head move in the middle east and cause the whole world a world of hurt. Yes, I also see gas going skyward and all that that entails, higher prices for everything. All we (the little people) can do is batten the hatches and protect ourselves in any way possible. And this is the optimist in me!