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From the picture, I see no high-low lever. It should be right beside the regular gear shift but shorter. .
On Internationals; yes.

The "silver ball" on the lever next to the battery is the knob for the High-low on this one

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So I did end up buying the tractor. It is a 1948 8N with a Sherman Step-Up. It's actually 6V, with a front distributor. It still has the old style oil and air filters along with a cyclone air pre-cleaner and tract-o-lite lamps. It isn't restored, but it hasn't been hacked up and "updated" which I like.


Have you considered a skid steer? I was looking for a small tractor a few year ago and landed on a Bobcat skid steer. Does everything I want. I have a 8N with a loader that I would give away but no one wants it. Anyway, buy bigger that what you want because you will regret getting something that won't work good for you.
You sure opened a can of worms on the skid steer mention haha. It's a good tool but it just doesn't fit what I need it to do. I'd gladly take you 8N, I'd just get rid of the loader haha.

I've found that to be very true. Sometimes it also comes down to which brand supports an area better or which dealer in an area is better than the rest.
This factor did narrow me down to John Deere, International/Farmall, Massey-Ferguson or Ford/New Holland.

Both are a little overpriced...
My F-I-L bought a Ferguson TO-20 for $2200 with a fresh engine & a front end loader on it. 8N's don't cross $2K in Texas unless they are either REALLY nice, or come with lots of goodies.

8N's are usually geared far too FAST for most work.
I wonder why they didn't do their research on that...
It is quite fast and takes a learning curve. 8Ns are just plain more expensive up here than in Texas. A "REALLY" nice one is $3,500+

If it's the same as the TO-20, then I am not a big fan of the 3-point on these tractors....

"All the way up & all the way down only" works fine for lots of things (blade, shredder, plow, etc.) , but I need something I can stop "in the middle".

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I've now joined that forum (Yesterdays Tractors). The 3 point does have position control, you can pick the height. However, you can move a draft control lever that's meant for plowing - that will essentially be the "all the way up" and "all the way down" I suppose.

If you decide to go with an 8N the "Sherman" low range trans add on is worth way more than $200.00, or really the stock tractor (without the Sherman is worth way less) 12 volt if it is done right is a bonus.
the three point hitch should hold in any position you put it in,( so should the fergie,) as long as draft control is selected instead of float (the short handled lever kind of under the seat on the right side.
check the condition of the steering box and brakes, the tractor should steer fairly easily and the brakes should work well.
If the tractor is in decent shape overall it would be average priced here (before the dollar difference) Really a couple of thousand dollars is not a lot to pay for something as handy as a small tractor.
Thanks for all the good advice!

That tractor will likely hold its value for years. If you take good care of it, it should be worth the same as what you paid many years from now.
Hit the nail on the head! If I outgrow it, I sell it for what I paid.


Jack of all trades?
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Yours looks pretty nice! I hope it works out for you! :)

I've now joined that forum (Yesterdays Tractors).
It's great place to learn.

This made me laugh! :teehee:

international606 said:
Tractor is a family heirloom or it would have been down the road a long time ago. Once you drive a real tractor it is hard to be satisfied with any 8n Ford.

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It looks a lot nicer than mine, my poor old relic had a skyline loader on it for year, the loader was a neat concept but way too heavy for an N.

If you ever have to boost the tractor to start it I recommend boosting straight to the starter, the front mount coil is easy to fry.
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