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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by LadyIvy, Jan 16, 2011.

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    I am from Tucson AZ. I have been preparing for short term :quote: issues :quote: for awhile but am recently becoming worried that short term isn't going to cover it, that I need to be prepared to etch out survival for myself and kids over the long haul.

    To complicate matters I'm a single parent and I live in a desert. Those aren't great odds when it comes to the thought of foraging or growing food. on the plus side I have a family member who lives not too far from me in a small community in the mountains. Winter would be :eek: but at least there's well water and wood burning stoves, vs no water and triple digit heat with no electricity and no AC in the summer time.

    The biggest thing I am struggling with right now is knowing when it would be better to stay point for a bit vs knowing when it's time to hit the road. I don't have a compund or a house on several acres to hide out in :dunno:

    So, having said that, does anyone have any good resources for sheltering in place in hot climates and growing food and seed collecting in low water environments, both hot and cold?
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    There was a thread about just this thing on another board I frequent. While I have not read most of these authors or titles suggested (only the Army Survival Guide, which we have in our library) I can at least list them here and you can make your own decisions.

    Maybe somebody else here can give you some insight too ...

    Books by Cody Lundin

    Ron Hood's Urban Survival Vol. 1 (I think this is actually a dvd.)

    Rangar Benson's Urban Survival (I have heard both good and bad about this particular book.)

    We all struggle with the "stay or go" question and that really is going to be dependent on the circumstances at the time. Just educate yourself as much as possible and then give it to God. No sense in worrying until you are sick over stuff.

    Welcome to the board. You will find a lot of good folks here.

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    :welcome: to the forums!
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    Thank you Badge Bunny. I do try not to worry too much, and keep telling myself that I am doing all I can to see us through a crisis and that's the only thing I can do right now. It's hard though, especially with all of these animals falling down dead every other day. We are up to mammals now apparently, so I have to wonder just how much more time I have to get us ready.
    Anyway, thanks for the suggestions. Urban Survivalism is exactly what I was looking for and didn't realise that's what it was called. :D
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    WELCOME, :welcome:LadyIvy from a long time preparer. Look forward to your replies and posts.
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    hi everyone. Thanks for the welcome :kiss:
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    I'm a newbie as well. We have some great information here for you!
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    Hi Lady Ivy...welcome to Prepared Society.
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