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Discussion in 'Politics' started by bunkerbob, Feb 3, 2010.

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    See? And so many people thought I was crazy for saying that everyone I've ever known who owned a toyota car hated it and would never own another one. I've never been impressed by Toyota quality.

    As for the official's faux pas . . . . I think it's just an issue of these idiots feeling so powerful that they think they are invincible and no longer feel it necessary to watch what they say.

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    It's a red herring approach. Get people's attention directed somewhere else. The Toyota problem isn't as serious as they are trying to portray it but it's a way to draw the focus to something other than the failed policies of this administration.

    I'm not trying to promote an argument but I spent most of my adult life working as a mechanic in auto delerships that had both domestic and foreign vehicles. In my experience with Toyota, Datsun, and Mazda the quality of the foreign vehicles was far above domestic manufacturers. (I've worked in GM and Ford dealerships and a couple of independant repair shops.)
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    I've owned 3 Toyota trucks the first was a 1980 with 120K on the clock sold it at 210K for 200.00 more than i paid for it not one problem except having to stop at gas stations for fuel. I have an early...1990's Toyota truck 4x4 4 cylinder x-cab i purchased new.. best darn truck I've ever owned oil, tires, fuel and 1 battery is all it's ever needed.

    as for Toyota it's a huge multinational corporation..what can you expect? we sure don't see better from GM who knows what the real spin is here?
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    Ray Lahood is an idiot. Don't have a clue what to do but put mindless babble out there. I just traded my 92 4x4 toyota truck for a 94 jeep grand chrokee 4x4. I'll have to see how i did after a few mile's. I liked my truck but the grandbaby needed something bigger to ride in.
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    I heard on NPR that even with Toyota’s 8 million vehicle recall it ranks fifth in US recalls. First was Ford with 15 million vehicles, second was Ford, third and fourth were GM.

    I don’t recall anyone ever saying you shouldn’t buy a Ford Explorer after those issues. Follow the money, it is all politics.