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Here is another great long term food storage site, Welcome to The Millennium Ark

which includes a MS Excel file which will tell you how much you will need according to your family size... Millennium Ark: Emergency Preparedness - Welcome!
Just click on Deyo Food Storage Planner it will open the file, then save it to MS Excel. And its free!!!:beercheer:

This is what the page paragraph looks like


"To help you with your food pantry, we've designed a Deyo Food Storage Planner. This software is free for your home use."

"The DFSP gives you a solid place to start your food storage program, keeps you organized and on track. If you already have a food pantry, it will point out what areas are deficient toward your chosen goal and what areas are already ship-shape. It has a reminder column for when you need to rotate food so nothing ever goes to waste. The DFSP can keep track of non-food items, too, like medicines and hygiene, plus cleaners and household items. You can even plan for your pets."
I have to admit there were a few items missing for me:sssh:
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