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    Interesting the article talks about the negative effects of caffeine but really doesn't lay out anything tangible other than for some it produces negative effects, physical dependence, interferes with daily functioning, and can be difficult to give up. I think energy drinks are dangerous, not just the caffeine but the all the other crap including a high amount of sugar.

    A deeper look at coffee's negative side effects the interesting thing is most of these are not cased by coffee but
    can be exacerbated by drinking coffee

    -Ulcers, IBS and Acidity
    -Heartburn, acid reflux Problems
    -inhibit some mineral uptake
    -interferes with some drugs

    They also mention Coffee as a Laxative as a negative side effect which I disagree coffee and a good BM is the best way to start the day! :)

    Now for the good news!

    -Coffee is a source of antioxidants like chlorogenic acid it's also been shown to help with weight loss
    -Coffee drinkers are eight times less likely to develop Parkinson's disease
    -Coffee reduce the risk of Alzheimer's and dementia
    -lowers the risk of oral cancers.
    -lowers the risk of stroke for older women

    -Coffee drinkers particularly from ages 50 to 71 who have consumed coffee for more than 10 years have a lower risk of overall death than
    nondrinkers. In particular, the coffee drinkers were less likely to die from heart disease, respiratory disease, stroke, injuries and accidents, diabetes, and infections.
    -Coffee drinkers have a lower rate of uterine, prostate and liver cancer and low risk of type 2 diabetes than non drinkers.

    In short i'm more worried about energy drinks or smoking than coffee
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    I'm with rugster on this one. Coffee is definitely a health food. Some of the asthma medicines are designed to mimic the effects of caffeine.

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    Two or three cups a day is normal, but while I like drinking coffee I'm not addicted. One time when I had stomach problems, I quit completely for several months and had no withdrawal.

    Eventually I switched to decaf, and had no desire for caffeine and I drank decaf for maybe ten years. For the past twenty years I drink regular coffee, very strong, and the caffeine never gives me a problem in any way. I can drink a cup late in the evening and my sleep isn't affected at all.

    That said, I believe I have an addictive personality, but apparently caffeine isn't one of the things to worry about.
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    Naekid, if the recognition of a "disorder" you cite comes from the DSM5, I'm skeptical. That document pathologizes an alarming number of things that are a part of normal daily life for everyone. This will have a lot of destructive social effects ranging from unnecessary medications to stigmatizing millions of people for life.

    For me, coffee consumption has some emotional overtones because it was one of the biggest battlegrounds of my childhood. My parents hosted a dinner party when I was 12, and decided that giving me a cup would be some savvy reverse psychology. Ha!! Every time coffee was offered from then on it devolved quickly into a screaming match that culminated in "my mother didn't let me drink coffee until I was 18, so neither will you." I heard this logic a lot as a kid, and it actually has something to do with my own decision to be child-free. It gave me an irrational (?) fear of turning stoopit.

    That said, several years ago my doctor gave me a compelling argument for quitting all caffeine when I was struggling with a particular health issue. Nowadays I enjoy some, but on a very rare basis. I find that even a little buzz can make me uncomfortable now because I'm not used to it. I plan my day's diet accordingly with lots of protein in frequent installments.

    This morning, however, was colder n' a witches titty in a brass bra. All bets were off, and I had two cups of coffee just to warm up. :coffee: So far so good...
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    I had never heard that term before, killed myself laughing and when the giggles finished, I found this picture


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