And the noose tightens.....

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    There's no telling how many laws the average person violates in any given day simply out of not knowing. This is utterly rediculous & the American people had better wake up soon & clean up this mess.

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    I looked at doing a small goat dairy ... to meet all the rules, regs and laws it would cost me over $150,000.00 just to get started.

    They will not be happy till they do all the small farmers/hobby farmers in.
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    So the feds can find some obscure family in Missouri selling rbbits illegaly and make an example of them yet can't find millions of illegal aliens in the United States and, if they do find them, want to turn their backs on enforcing the law and prosecuting them for their crimes and instead make them citizens!!!!!!!!!

    :scratch :mad::mad::mad:
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    That's why my dad was forced out of selling milk many years ago. They had it set up so that only large operations could afford to conform to the "law." (Which was probably written with the help of corporate lawyers from huge agribusiness firms.)
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    Because small farms and keeping things local is not good for the economy. You need large scale production in one place that you can truck or ship all over the world to be efficient, everyone knows that. Besides, on large operations it is easier to maintain quality and insure adequate safety and environmental inspections. Who would want to buy locally where if there was a problem the local small farmer would be all over it to fix, or more likely would have fixed it before there was a problem. Wouldn’t you rather support a large corporation where a majority of their employees might not even know what they produce over a small local person who you could ask direct questions to and where their reputation and sales are directly linked to the quality of their products? A couple cows or chickens here and a couple there is no way to run a profitable (for the investors anyway) corporation. You ‘buy local’ kooks and your anti mega-farm way of thinking drive me crazy.

    Factory Farms Produce 100 Times More Waste Than All People In the US Combined and It's Killing Our Drinking Water | Water | AlterNet
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    It's funny ( sad) how that works isn't it....hmmmmm. It would probably be ok if the folks selling the bunnies would donate the wealth to help the underpriveleged..........just saying...........:ignore:
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    Say you want control over a group of people. But you cant do it through obvious means because that will start an uprising. What you do is pick your favorite food producer make all of his competitors go under and then you have control of the nations food. Then you start policing ideas and freedom of speech, then you give police the power to break and enter without a warant. But that would never happen in America... Oh wait it already has.
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    help their way

    If the government can find a way to make a buck for themselves or their friends, then their nose will be there. try to mike a living without the governments help, they get "mad". They NEED to help you so you do right (their way).
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    It's time for serious barter... closed societies and autonomous groups! A new type of grange movement.

    No open commerce... it's taxes that fuel this nonsense in the first place.

    We are not far from cashless society anyway... the "chip" will be the only way to buy food.

    The National Grange of the Order of Patrons of Husbandry - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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    The USDA - yet another rogue organized-crime syndicate of jack-booted Government thugs forcing We The People to "toe the Party line" or else!!

    Time to totally flush the bloated Fed-Gov system and add a good dose of chlorine to that cesspool in DC. :mad:
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    You beat me to it BC, I was going to suggest that if these folks (and others like them) didn't "sell" their rabbits, milk, eggs, produce, etc. but rather bartered it for other commodities, then I don't believe a license would be required.
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    Some folks are also doing herd shares, which Va. has no law on. (as of now) It works much like boarding a horse. The person buys the animal (goat/cow) and you board it for a fee, and tend to the animals needs ... milking etc. ...

    You are not selling the milk, so no law broken.
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    :lolsmash: :lolsmash: :lolsmash: @ the need for sarcasm font

    :cry: :cry: :cry: @ the truth of it...
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    don't forget the detrimentally fascist EPA
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    I guess we could be next. But you better believe I will go down swinging. Right now we sale a lot of things we raise or produce on the farm at give away prices. A lot of times we do give away as there are so many people around here that can't afford to go to the grocery store. I am getting sick and tired of the federal government trying to control my life.
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    Glad I'm not the only one that sees the government as the not so 'all knowing' entity it claims/tries to be. I seriously think this country is due (and needs) a RESET. I don't know how it could ever turn out to be a non-violent one, but hopefully it will. Civil War, Revolution, whetever you want to call it... I fear is not too far off the horizon the the good ole US of A.
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    I tend to agree there...a revolution is in the future...maybe immediate, who knows??
    Reading about the global capitalists plans for Libya's economy buy everything out pennies on a dollar when PTB actually destroy that country and then they will own they are trying here.
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    You and I think alike ... if I go down ... it will be swinging!