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"Paranoid Peanut Gallery":
I strongly recommend that everyone get their BoB's and Hurricane Preps up to date NO MATTER WHERE you live in the USA and Canada.
Where you going to run to???

BTW... That Radiation Network map hasn't changed in months... I don't know if it is abandoned or what. Shows low normal background count 12-26 Bq/m2...

Here's some maps and charts I posted here earlier:
This shows 170 Bq/m2 spiking after the Japan nuke power plant accident.

There is that controversial radiation map everybody is ranting about in the net... it is a pretty good "fallout plume" map of what could happen though, depending on how much is involved in a meltdown and avereaging out weather conditions as a model.

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The radiation network map is updating , watch it for a while

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Where we're at now?

Let's see:

Iodine-131 has now been found in many states drinking water, including Massachusetts and Pennsylvania.

Iodine-131 has now been found in milk in California and Arizona.

I suspect that these are the states that are "admitting" to their findings. I also notice how every report then ends with a "up note" that the levels found are way below any level of concern.

The radioactive level may be low but an ingested particle will kill a person soon by irradiating the cells of your internal organs.

The reactors are not leaking Plutonium, Cesium, strontium, etc, with no end in sight so we are getting a steady stream of radiating particles.

More food for thought.
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