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    From somebody who is a preper, a survivor, a newly made gun nut..:D and the Lovely Lady of the Manor... this is from her blog, we don't agree on very much in the political spectrum but I have to say she can write things so clear that even a Neandrathal like me can see the point, I hope you find a nugget in here..
    once you get there you can look around...this was the first thing in her Blog...also she is a published Author!! I do love this lady!!..

    Queen of the Universe- No Credentials Needed: Take Your Pill, Johnny- Mommy's Taking Fluffy to the Therapist...
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    I understand her views, given her being presumably a mother. My experience, both when I was a kid, and seeing the kids of my friends, many very 'troubled', is very different. I DO indeed believe there ARE "bad dogs" as well as "Bad kids". I do agree with the principle of "The Bad Seed". I have seen too many cases of it to dismiss it...

    But I also applaud those fine folks with the patience and good spirits to try to change them for the good. :2thumb:

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    but have you seen The Dog Whisperer? He's like a master when it comes to bad behaving dogs. By the fact that his show's been around for years and it actually works should be a sign that you don't need to use chemicals to control behavior in animals.

    South Park did an episode with Cartman's mom hires Caesar Milan to make him be a good kid, quite hilarious TCH*TCH*TCH
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    I take ANYTHING shown on TV with a BIG grain of salt. Their primary aim is ratings, not altruism.

    Maybe I could whisper into the little JRT's ear next door to make him stop crapping in my yard? Nah - waterhoses and Red Ryders are more fun! :D
    I've already promised him a prime spot during the upcoming SHTF Barbecue...... :sssh: