An armed demonstration - patriots with guts

Discussion in 'International Current News & Events' started by watchman220, Mar 26, 2010.

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    I fully understand the idea behind the protest but it would only take one person good guy or bad guy to let off a round and the whole thing turns into a chit storm... and even without my tin foil hat I know there are scum sucking pigs in our Government that would not give a seconds thought to popping one of their own just to start it... But having said that I guess if it's coming it may as well start there... how many men really were at Concord? 20 , 30 ? and it started a revolution which built a free nation...and we all know it is time to feed the tree of liberty again...

    But then again, where were we when the JBT's burned the church in Waco? why didn't we go enmass and say STOP !! because it wasn't our church? because it wasn't our dog in the fight ? our OX being gored? and yes I've felt guilty about not doing that very thing but I was scared to go alone, no guts..easy to talk safely 1800 miles away...

    I think this will be a non issue, the media will pick out the bubbas to show on TV and interview somebody who can't put together a sentence, the guy in the picture above is a sharp looking type, clean cut and I can Gar-on-tee the Media will avoid him like he has the clap..

    I've been involved in things like this and that's what the media did to us , they let our spokesman speak, then interviewed a woman from the Human rights network aka the Gay rights network, when it was aired our guy got 10 seconds, the dyke got 2 minutes...OH, and we were protesting the mess in Waco... why would anybody from a so called Human Rights organization be opposed to our rally?

    I hope it works out for the folks that show up and I hope it don't blow up in your faces...

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    Yes, there should be the freedom to do this kind of thing, and there even is in the constitution, but at the same time, I have to say that you can call me a coward if you want, but I wouldn't want to be anywhere near that kind of demonstration. There are too many ways that it could go real bad real fast. Just have things be a little bit tense or volatile, and all hell could break loose. Anyone else can do what they want, but I wouldn't want to be any part of something like that.
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    I agree with HozayBuck.

    Yet, I also think we need to rattle the tree, let government know we are not happy with how they are running things.
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    Yes rattle the tree:D maybe snap a limb or two in the process.
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    I heard about it on another board. I would like to go and participate but I just had both knees replaced. :( Best of luck to them and I'll definitely be praying for both sides. With that many folks in one place, one nutcake or terrorist could cause a lot of trouble.

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    I hope you have a speedy recovery from your surgery.
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    Good luck on your recovery, hope everything goes well.
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    If the government were to pull something stupid and try to put down one of these demonstrations down by force it is apparent through people's responses that there would be an armed response. My thoughts are, this is being compared to a pseudo-civil war parrallel, but instead of fighting ideals one would be fighting it's own son's and daughters doing their job rather than a formidable fighting force fighting for their each specific rights. My two cents.
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    That is how it's being put by most folks I've talked to about it, that another civil war is coming. I think it all comes down to the same thing though- people are sick and tired of the gubbamint ramming stuff down our throats (as in the War Between The States) and will be brother against brother again, if it comes. :( I hope and pray that it remains a peaceful demonstration, and sends the message the planners are trying to convey.

    :wave: Thanks for the well-wishes on my surgery. Everything is going great and the PT is telling me I'm way ahead of someone who only had one knee replaced. I hope it stays that way. :D

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    Hope it heals up finer 'n frog hair! :D
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    Every one better watch out for the turd in the punch bowl, the left would not have any problem starting something and getting a lot of folk's hurt. Would not bother that bunch of scum one bit. I still got the feeling that the idiot who yelled the PC incorrect N word was a plant. What he should have said was you piece of scum sucking, slime licking, shat bowl nipping, low life bastard in other word's your a congressman. Now that last one was the worse. Luck to all that can make the trip. I,am a care giver and stuck as dried crap on a blanket. Hope those replacement's work out, WD-40 does wonder's.
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