American Flag Made In China

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  1. UncleJoe

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    You folks in Texas better check that flag you buy before you take it home. :eek:

    DALLAS — Next weekend, when you see the red, white and blue proudly displayed for Independence Day, take a closer look.

    President Eisenhower set the standard for all American flags 51 years ago. The order requires 13 stripes and 50 stars on a field of blue.

    Tim Childress had to double-check when he unfurled Old Glory — he got more than he wanted.

    Large or small, the American Flag is supposed to be flown with pride, a symbol of our nation.

    The seven red stripes represent hardiness and valor; six white stripes stand for for purity and innocence. There's a blue field for perseverance and justice. And, of course, 50 stars for each of the 50 states.

    That makes Tim Childress' flag something other than American.

    "You can kind of see the stars are all crooked, and if you count them, there's actually 61 stars," he said.

    Childress counted several times. He multiplied rows and columns. He counted them one-by-one.

    Every time, it added up to 61.

    So he went back to the Dollar Tree store where he bought the plastic flag and sent an e-mail message to the Virginia marketing company.

    "I kind of let them know there are 50 states in the United States, and they need to correct this — or at least get the Chinese supplier to correct this," Childress said.

    Yes, it's a plastic flag, and it only cost a dollar, but Childress argues this is not just another decoration at a discount store.

    "They can do that to Santa Claus; do what they want, change his face. But this is the flag, and it needs to stay that way," Childress maintains.

    The Dollar Tree assistant store manager wouldn't comment on camera, but said the flag is sold as a "patriotic banner" — not as an American flag.

    Dallas store sells U.S. flag with 61 stars | | Dallas - Fort Worth Local News
  2. gypsysue

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    Oh brother...

    And we need to replace our flag, as it's getting tattered. Good to know to buy AMERICAN!!! (even so, with public schools the way they are, I guess I better count the stars and stripes before I take it home!)

  3. Littlebit

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    Its hard to find anything not made in china or some other asian counties. Try as I may even some of the labels that say American get their parts or are assembled in china. Most of it is crap that may last the trip home. :mad: We need to have more mom and pop shops like the old days who by their stuff locally. Ive even gone so far as to look on line and see if the lable and company are for real. Thank God Chocolate bars are still made in Pa.
  4. mosquitomountainman

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    Chinese laborers are starting to demand higher wages so I anticipate that their share of the market may go down in the future because it will raise the price of their goods to level more competitive with other countries. However, the real reason Chinese merchandise is so prevalent here is because we buy it.
  5. gypsysue

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    ...and therein lies the problem. Americans want to EARN top dollar and PAY bottom dollar. We want high incomes and cheap stuff.

    So we buy the cheap stuff and the jobs go to where they can make it cheap.

    Though after buying a series of cheap foreign made vacuum cleaners and having them quit working after 6 months or so, we bought a decent-quality American-made vaccum cleaner that has lasted a few years so far and still in great shape. Higher outlay of money at the time of purchase but money saved over time.

    Gone through the same thing with shoes. Better quality have lasted longer and saved more in the long run.

    At our end of the financial spectrum that's not always possible. Sometimes we have to buy the cheap stuff because that's all we can afford.
  6. mdprepper

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    As my daughter is so fond of telling me "We are too poor to buy cheap". By the the time I have bought 3 pairs of shoes at $10 each, that only hold up for a few weeks, I could have spent the $30 and had them last for a year!
  7. UncleJoe

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    There's a lot of wisdom in that quote.

    I could but an Echo chainsaw for around $200 and as hard as I use saws, I would wear it out in about a year. So I spend $500 on the same size Stihl but I'll get 5-6 years out of it.
  8. gypsysue

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    We got 7 years out of our Stihl before it needed it's first repair, after going through a bunch of Homelite and Mac saws! It was worth scraping together the money for the Stihl, even had an adult son help chip in on it. And here in Montana we go through 6 to 7 cords of wood a year, so the saw has gotten some serious use.
  9. Bigdog57

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    Yep, I got mighty tired of Chinese-made Walfart boots that wouldn't get me through a year - $30 a pair. Bought American-made for $90 - still going strong ten years later - so I bought another pair of the same - should last me my lifetime! ;)
    Hard to find size 15, but they ARE out there......

    BUT..... bobo the whitehouse clown's rabid tax hikes take effect in 2011 and 2012 - then we may NOT have any small business here in America! :mad:
  10. alanz

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    This is very true. My parents always bought the cheapest crap in order to "save" money and I learned some bad habits.

    In college I bought a ten dollar pair of sunglasses that broke a month later. Bought another pair, these also broke a month later. I finally bought a $30 pair and they lasted for years!

    Now I buy smart, not cheap.
  11. NaeKid

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    Size 15 feet? In the words of my newfie friend - "Lordy Tunderin' Jesus!"
  12. kogneto

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    oddly enough though, I bought a 10$ pair of glasses online from some African company that I still have and get complimented on frequently

    but I can attest to the poorest of quality goods in my home with a label from China/Singapore/Thailand

    Not to disparage the people, I love my southeast asian friends, but I'd rather buy american