America on the Brink of a Second Revolution

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    Interesting read. What he doesn't say is what will emerge after this "revolution." My advice? Keep a low profile, get out of the cities and become as self-sufficient as possible. Then you'll be doing well no matter what happens.

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    From what I gathered from his writings is he leans a bit far to the left then I care for... but maybe I didn't really read deep into it... regardless he's looking at it from an Investor point of view..I look at it from a survivors POV... there is no room for a comparison between the two POV's...
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    the Author is not a deep thinker or else he knows what to provide to some.

    Even his initial quote of another silly person is silly. Tea Party-an organization, with a collective sense and defined shared objectives being anything like anarchists isn't something one would expect a sophomore in poli sci to come up with.