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  1. pdx210

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    I've always had a soft spot for zombie films and thought it was alright. The only thing i don't like are the slow moving zombies.... i mean really?
    you can out walk, out think them.

    I would draw a few 1,000 to me then fire up a front loader problem solved
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  2. bunkerbob

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    Wow, shades of Soylent Green I suspect...
    [ame=""]YouTube - SOYLENT GREEN dystopia[/ame]

  3. GatorDude

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    I thought that Walking Dead was really well done. It was a great show for Halloween. I don't know if I'd stick with it for a whole season due to the relentlessly grim tone and violence, but it was certainly well acted and well plotted!
  4. pdx210

    pdx210 Well-Known Member

    yeah but those are garbage trucks i'm talking front loader like this :)

    [ame=]YouTube - Case 721B Armoured Wheeled loader[/ame]
  5. Emerald

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    I loved it and was hoping that it would be more of a drama revolving around the dynamics of having to live this way compared to just blood and guts and horror.
    I really liked the tank scene--"you having fun yet?" or was it "how's that working for you?":confused:
    Most movies are about the scary and not the long term and I am the dork who always wondered what happened after they "sail off into the sunset" etc.
    I also like the fact that the deputy is gonna find his wife and son in the care of the best friend, who are also now lovers-:kiss:-whoo hoo the poo is really gonna fly when they find each other again. And the fact that in the previews it shows the deputy telling folks that it is not alright to kill live people EVER only the dead(wow:scratch that so sounds funny doesn't it)
    Now Sunday is my favorite tv watching night(I have insomnia and yes, I could be doing better things but ya get tired of working all the time, so I do watch the tube) First Dexter, everyone's favorite serial killer and next The walking DEAD!!
  6. pdx210

    pdx210 Well-Known Member

    "I also like the fact that the deputy is gonna find his wife and son in the care of the best friend, who are also now lovers"

    i'm thinking his friend is not a friend at all.. perhaps he lied to the wife & child and left him for dead in the hospital
  7. kbamvakais

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    i thought it was cool, well shot, well acted, and well plotted. should be good but i agree i dont know how it will fair now that halloween has come and gone.
  8. GatorDude

    GatorDude Well-Known Member

    My wife announced that she is up for watching the Walking Dead over Brothers and Sisters! Hallelujah! :congrat:

    I'm glad to because if you watch that danged Brothers and Sisters show you really want somebody to put that whole family out of their misery. :cry:
  9. SurviveNthrive

    SurviveNthrive a dude

    If you're emotionally tied to a TV show and get upset over opinions contrary to yours, please don't read this.

    I love this genre, love that they did a series...but man...there were some bad things.

    They drag things out because it's cheap to film it that way...when one of my sons came over and watched it on DVR cutting out the crap, it's a 22 minute show.

    Let's take several minutes in a cheap park scene to kill on living dead.

    Let's burn minutes of film time belly aching about capping the old dead wifie.

    Let's burn minutes of film time being coy about how we got injured when a guy has a gun on you.


    While I can somehow accept the crazy, illogical, silly notion of Living Dead and it's my favorite horror genre, there are funny details to this show that drove me nuts.

    Normally, Hollywood and TV Land do a decent job with weapons handling. They showed some bad weapons handling in this show...more like the A Team level of smuck.

    1. At the Road Block, main dude tells a guy to make sure he's got a round in the chamber and his safety is off. That guy has a GLOCK! (Glock has a safety) Man actually checks his chamber, showing on my HD that not only is the chamber empty, so is the magazine. Then he actually moves his thumb disengaging his imaginary safety.

    2. Unless things changed dramatically since I've been out of the Army, there's no bottom hatch on an M1A1 tank...(and they should never have shown that top view which showed too narrow a turret.) I know, the Dead are Walking and I'm worried about a floor hatch on the M1 tank? Yep. Don't even get me started on the radios and the interior.

    3. Revolver. The world is over the dead walk the earth and Cop is heading into a city. (Not to mention he LOST a firefight previously because he had a revolver and had to reload during it.) I'm not going to use a revolver as a primary. I might hesitate with a Beretta as it generally has only 15 round magazines. Maybe I'd set a minimum at 17 round magazines with pockets full of them.
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  10. dulcimerlady

    dulcimerlady Member

    The whole time I was watching it I thought it was great that they moved so slow. Make it easy to get away from them, lol.

    I thought it odd that he just happened to find a matchbook on the nurse's station - of all places - that eventually helped him see to exit through the stairwell. I seriously doubt a nurse's station would have matches just laying around on it.

    I also thought it not quite right that the father with the young son took the covers off the windows in his house during the day, only covering them at night. Those things were walking around during the day too. You bet your patoot I'd never take the covers off the windows!

    But I thought it was pretty good. Entertaining enough that I'll watch it again I'm sure.
  11. pdx210

    pdx210 Well-Known Member

    thats my point they are slow you can out walk them not to mention there's over 200 million guns in this country or a baseball bat although i really like my front loader idea :)

    in the remake of dawn of the dead Amc played before the walking dead the dead where more like crazy rabid blood thirsty animals a much better and more format able zombie
  12. thunderdan19

    thunderdan19 Shoots to Thrill

    If you're emotionally tied to a TV show, you need to get outside a little more often. There's plenty of drama in the real world these days... :D

    Yeah, I was trying to stay engaged during some of the slower portions as well. At least I could FF the commercials.

    I think they dwelled on the half-a-zombie in the park because they spent a lot of budget money on make up and effects to make her. Honestly, she didn't have a role to play other than to look pitiful and die, but I get why they did it.

    I actually thought the zombie wife part worked for the plot. It personalized their struggle. Sure it dragged a bit, but I thought it added some depth and emotion.

    I'm glad the opener was an extra half hour at least. I would have felt gipped had it only been an hour at that pace.

    Whadda you mean? I always disengage my imaginary safety on my imaginary Glock (yes, I realize Glocks don't have safeties, that's one reason I avoid them) when I am about to engage imaginary criminals at an imaginary roadblock... :D

    I've come to realize that HD is not kind to movies and particularly TV shows. Being a detailed perfectionist doesn't help me either...

    Yeah, I well know that the USGVT hasn't yet decided to allow Hollywood to borrow any real Abrams tanks (you know, the ones with the still classified armor and comm systems). It bothers me every time I see a modded Chieftain or some other tank made to look like one, but I get why they have to do that. I considered it a worthy attempt, along with use of the Vietnam era "Air Cav" Hueys.

    Sometimes it sucks knowing too much. Knowing actual equipment, firearms, explosives, etc. can drive a guy nuts watching Hollywood's versions...

    Well... he is supposed to be some backwoods, yokel sheriff's deputy in the deep south, no? But yeah, there's no excuse for not carrying a mag fed auto pistol these days. I hope the poor fella gets some more capable firepower in the upcoming episodes...
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  13. SurviveNthrive

    SurviveNthrive a dude

    I'm glad about one thing, thus far it's been Romero zombies.

    Romero zombies are shambling, rambling slow moving (until that close in surge or instinctual lunge) living dead who don't speak and definitely don't run.

    Russo zombies simply crazy people who can run, speak, and even plan and go for the brains primarily. They're more comedic.

    One thing about living dead scenarios is what I call 'the ratio'.

    This rise hasn't been explained yet, often it's good when it isn't, and I'm going to stay away from the graphic novel so the shows will be fresh to me.

    One thing about living dead scenarios is what I call 'the ratio'. It's a matter of applying logic to this illogical situation involving resources and collapse.

    If it happens fast, then you'd have lots of living dead, few living people but incredible resources for the living.

    If it happens slow, then you'd have living dead only when people die, lots of people fighting for meager resources for the living.

    Exceptions include things like fuel which has only limited amounts in the system that needs to be replenished rapidly and continually, however, if it's really rapid, then many cars would have fuel.
  14. thunderdan19

    thunderdan19 Shoots to Thrill

    I'm a fan of the 28 Days/Weeks later zombies. Running, raging zombies would scare the $#!+ out of me... Slow, stumbling ones not so much. Those are great for Shaun of the Dead and Zombieland and such, but don't offer the greatest threat for serious flicks/shows.
  15. The_Blob

    The_Blob performing monkey

    some of the later Living Dead movies were pretty horrific because even though the 'zombies' were slow shambling and most of all STUPID, they were relentlessly animated tissue that 'head shots' had no effect on, pretty much nothing less than complete incineration was required & carefully at that because whatever 'magic' mcguffin plot device animated the corpses was highly contagious & itself not necessarily destroyd by fire (ashes from the crematorium saturated the ground of a cemetery as it rained somehow travelling the 6 feet to the body & working its mojo to reanimate corpses in minutes... :nuts: :rolleyes:

    zombies, the borg, aliens (giger) are mainly horrific IMO as they represent the fear of subsuming your 'self' into a 'hivemind' that by its very nature is malevolent towards personal individualism if not out & out to the biology of the progenitor organism (the borg quen made the argument of 'improving' everyone towards 'perfection')... perhaps this is why it seems to be a favorite genre amongst our crowd?
  16. pdx210

    pdx210 Well-Known Member


    I totally agree.... fast moving rabid zombies makes sense. I've always had a thing about sci-fi where it's got to have some level of logic to tie the story together. perhaps it was a fast acting virus that turned a large % of the population into slow moving zombies ?

    Honestly most people i know would load up and go zombie hunting and in a few days there would be a zombie shortage
  17. HarleyRider

    HarleyRider Comic Relief Member

    Oh, the movie is about zombies? Maybe I'll see it now... I thought it was a movie about Congress and the Senate. :cool:
  18. SurviveNthrive

    SurviveNthrive a dude

    to me the fast zombies, talking running around, using tools, Motorolas, planning aren't as interesting...they're merely crazy people who want to bite you. You can communicate with them and they suddenly became evil because of death?
  19. thunderdan19

    thunderdan19 Shoots to Thrill

    Nah, nothing like that. I like the complete thoughtless screaming violent thoughtless rage of the "28". No planning, communicating or strategizing, just a mob of fast moving predators that do nothing but chase the living with the sole instinctive purpose of killing, eating, contaminating, etc. That concept freaks me out (makes for heartpounding movie watching). The slow zombies are great in comedy, for me at least.
  20. pdx210

    pdx210 Well-Known Member

    Romero's zombies there's no real threat go out for a nice walk in the morning just don't get cornered by them it's hard to conceive how they could overwhelm the population for a zombie apocalypse ?

    unlike 28 days or the remake of dawn of the dead with fast moving rabid types neither of these movies have zombies that use tools, Motorolas, plan
    perhaps the are more rabid crazy people but it presents a more formatable challenge