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    I read an article Better than Bleach: Use Calcium Hypochlorite to Disinfect Water That explains how to use grannular pool shock to make supplies of chlorine to sanitize drinking water.

    It's PERFECT! especially for camping/hiking where carrying a gallon jug of anything but water would be highly impractical. I also have another solution which fits in your shirt's a portable UV light bar used to kill all micro-organisms in fresh water for drinking. Before you do that, of course you can use coffee filters to get the 'Icky' particulates out of the water.
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  2. Freyadog

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    Thanks for that eye opener. I was wondering how I was going to store all the bleach that we would need for us and our livestock.

  3. tiedami

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    looks interesting im going to have to try that thanks!
  4. jungatheart

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    Thanks. Here I am sitting on 6 gallons of outdated bleach. Glad to have found it now rather than when I needed it.
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    Thanx a lot for this info survivaltime.
    I'll carry a UV ray light from now on.