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    My kids are at home sick today with Strep Throat. That got me thinking, what if we were in a bug out situation and somebody came down with something that they needed antibiotics to treat? Are there any substitutes for antibiotics?
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    All About Homoeopathy you always wanted to know...

    I've been reading about Homoeopathic medicine for awhile now. IMO antibiotics are nowadays WAY over prescribed by doctors and if taken for every little sickness you will build up a tolerance to them and your body will not learn how to fight off simple illness.

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    I agree with that. Not every little infection needs an antibiotic.
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    I have a suggestion:

    You might want to do some research on Colloidal Silver.

    During the Y2K "event", I did purchase some and have used it periodically. I did have a small abrasion that was not healing up. I used the neosporin and other such topicals but it was starting to worry me......thinking it was possibly Mersa(sp?), I used the colloidal silver and it healed right up. I do have an interesting little scar to remind me that it's always best to be proactive and not always depend on the doctors.

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    +1000 to Monolith...

    Topical silver is an excellent anti-infective and is well proven to be of benefit. 'Nano-silver' is colloidal silver with a new buzz name. Over 200 US environmental groups have petitioned the FDA to stop OTC silver products, as it has been showing up in waste water treatment plants and killing off the good bacteria that are part of the natural waste treatment process. I would hate to see this & would rather find a way to stop the shedding of silver down the drain. Note the same problem can develop in individual septic tanks.

    Ingested silver has no proven clinical efficacy. Anecdotal suggests it does suggest good results for some, but since there are no controlled studies worth fly crap about it, no one really knows. 'I used it and got better' means less than nothing.

    There are considerably more than 2 cases of silver intoxication in the literature. If you are going to take silver internally I suggest you be sure of what you are getting, use it for acute illness and not daily wellness, and discontinue if you experience digestive upset or other warning signs.
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    Maintaining a healthy body is your best defense against illness. Eatting plenty of fruits and vegetables (organic if pausable) with a limited amount of protien, add nuts, grains and dairy to round out your diet.

    Stay off of the processed foods that are offered in grocery stores and restaraunts (as much as possible).

    I use hot lemon and honey when I have a sore throat. I use a mixture of warm water and salt for a nasal rinse with a sinus infection. I use hot sauce in water to loosen up a head cold or mild head ach. If it is an advanced head cold (but not sinus infection) I rub a drop of peppermint oil in my palms and breath it into my sinus. Have a bath towl available (you'll need it). I use manzanita tea for the stomach flu. Epsem salts in a warm bath for sore musles.

    I try to stay as nature as possible.
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    You do what now?
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    In the past when a family member didn't have any money, they took fish antibiotics. They worked just fine. I know, I know, lol....but..... Anyway, they come just like ours, in pill form. All kinds....
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    I too have thought long and hard about antibiotics...if we cant get them. Honey has antibiotics in it if used as a cream and also if taken orally. only in small amounts though, also garlic is an antibiotic and nasturuim leaves and flowers. These are a few things I have read from books, I always get a repeat on my prescription if I ever need antibiotics and have a few packets in my survial kit, That they dont last forever I know, but if someone is desperatly in need, i would try it as a last resort. Also there are a few sites on the net that sell anti biotic??/ I have never but thought about it as i said they go out of date and I always write on my spare packet what I had taken them for and what they can be used for. Any one else any ideas?
  12. Canadian

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    I'd talk to your doctor about having him write you a script that you can use at any time. Just keep it aside and have it filled when you need it. These days you can email or fax a script directly to the pharmacy. Drugs do have an expiry date and are very expensive. It'd be a big waste to have hundreds of dollars worth of drugs sit there and expire after one year.
  13. UncleJoe

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    I was going to keep this to myself but after reading this post I decided to share mine as well.
    Terramycin. A livestock anti-B. Our horse vet will never admit to it but she told us it will work for human bacterial infections if there is no way of getting anything else. We always have a bag (6oz powder) around. We certainly aren't going skip a visit to the Doc because we have it, but in a worse case scenario where absolutely nothing else is available, I'm sure we would. Might have to make a dosage adjustment for human weights though. :)
  14. shirls

    shirls shirls

    Sorry Canadian, I was only talking two boxes...$20.00. Over here can t get a script over the phone or email, have to see a doc in person, and they wouldnt give you a stand by in anycase unless you were really sick. Last year I got pnemonia, only slightly, but that got me worried about how one would deal with that in the last case senario, if you know what I mean, .
    Yeah I had heard about fish antibotics, apparently you can buy them over the counter...not that I have, spose they have an expiry date too.. Horse ones yeah they sound good....Ps I never use the stuff unless im desperate, just if you were wondering, but when you have kids.........Its good to know you can fix them if you have too.....
  15. mandiex4

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    LOL, I wasn't going to say it either but, we have used Terramycin in the past when times were hard and we had it on hand. We have a vet friend and we were basically told the same thing.......
  16. Canadian

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    Just out of curiosity have you guys even bothered asking your doctor to just write you a prescription? Is this some kind of American thing? Is it because you don't have free health care like us? I just ask my doctor and he'll write me a script for anything reasonable. Do you really have to resort to using animal stuff on humans? People have to be at least somewhat reasonable in other countries.

    In my experience if you just ask you usually get what you want. If someone says no you just ask again. If they say no again you ask again in a different way and throw in a "come on man help me out." That usually works. Someone has to say yes at some point.
  17. UncleJoe

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    I hate to admit it but yes that is a problem here. Unless the doc can diagnose a problem he/she cannot legally write a prescription. My wife's skin doc was arrested, tried and convicted of illegally writing scrips without having all the proper paperwork to go with them about 2 years ago. She lost her licence and is currently serving an 18 month sentence.
    Back in 1992 I had pneumonia and I knew it. I called my regular family doctor who I'd been seeing for nearly 7 years. I asked him to write me a script for amoxicillin. His response : "Sorry Joe, you'll have to come in and see me first." I went in the next day, he listened to my chest, took a couple of x-rays and sent me to the pharmacy with a piece of paper with his name on it.
    So to answer your question - no - at least not from my personal experience.
  18. Mac

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    I am a US Navy Corpsman stationed at a Marine Base. From my very limited experience, prevention is is the best cure for all aliments. Simple things like washing your hands thouroughly and often could mean the difference between life and death in a rough spot. Good nutrition, clean drinking water, keeping the sick seperated from the healthy. Things like these could go a long way. These days with our almost instant access to medical care, not applying these methods are not as life threating. But in a situation where you might not have medical care close at hand, a primary concern would be keeping your family healthy.

    “The best medicine on any battlefield is fire superiority”
  19. Canadian

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    I used to work at a hospital and on the first day we were all cautioned about hand washing. We all washed our hands all day long except for one guy. He got a paer cut on his finger and didn't wash his hands at all. By then end of the day he was in surgery and they had to amputate his finger.

    Ever since then I always wash my hands.
  20. Expeditioner

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    On often overlooked part of prevention is sound oral hygiene. Brushing, flossing and rinsing with an mouthwash/rinse is essential to staying healthy.