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    My original plans for surviving the hard times have just been altered. Due to my unique circumstances, my original plans were based on bugging in. I have parents in their early 90’s and a special needs grandchild. They need to be in areas close to medical care.

    My adult children all have homes within 50 miles of my residence so if something major happened to one area we could move to another location. If this were a major event I have a small cottage on several acres “up north”.

    Now on to the event that has me altering the survival plan. About a month ago I had a friend that had his basement flood. He is connected to city sewers and due to lack of maintenance, you guessed it, 13 inches of “ka-ka” in the basement.

    Helping him clean up the mess I realized how much water was needed to clean and sanitize the basement. These resources will not be available if we experience a major event. Left unclean the house would become a slimy Petri dish full of bacteria. This is not a good situation. Besides, where would the crap drain to? 5 gallon buckets?

    If we experienced a major event I am sure that routine maintenance of the infrastructure will not be done. The government people are only good at putting out fires, not preventing them.

    My neighbors, and I, have just been ordered to connect to “city sewers” and demolish our perfectly well functioning septic tanks. They also expect us to connect to “city water”. I can protest until pigs grow wings and fly but will eventually be forced to comply. What ever happened to “the land of the free”?

    Now, on to my revised plan. My garage is a stand alone building. I will soon be in the process of converting my garage to a cottage. I will keep my well for water, use a composting toilet and learn the best way to utilize grey water. The garage floor needs to be replaced so I will excavate 6” of base, install insulation and put in a radiant floor heating system. A small A/C unit will be installed. (Never had a car in the garage anyway….it has been my wood shop).

    The garage will be clean and sanitary (sawdust is sanitary, right?), have HVAC, toilet, shower and running water, back up electrical system and be well insulated. The wood stove will stay in the middle for back up heat. The house will become the storage area for all of the items that are in the garage now.

    Similar basic set ups will eventually be retrofitted to my kids homes.

    My food storage is dispersed in several locations so if I experience some loss at one I will still have reserve. I am currently relocating my basement stores to a much higher location with easier access to the garage. I will build pantry storage in the garage and use that for tool storage until the time comes. I prefer to keep the stores in my basement because of the lower and more consistent temperatures.
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    If its not one thing, its another, isn't it? I hadn't even thought of this, backed up sewer. I personally would want to be on independent water and septic if I could. No water and in 3 days that is it. I have long believed that our water supplies could be poisoned and if we didn't know (and how would we), we could all be gone in no time.

    I would comply as much as I would need to, and to keep my well and septic working on the sly.

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    You can also retrofit the sewer connection in the basement with a screw down cap to prevent the back up unless there is enough pressure to lift the floor.
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    Can you get water from your well if you don't have electricity? If you can't you need to think about how to address that.
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    Thank you for the input.

    Even with a back flow preventer installed we are concerned about a catastrophic failure. Screw down caps are valid but only after the fact. My buddy had a backflow preventer but the pressure was so high he had a blow out. Sealing off the system will only generate more pressure and cause a rupture elsewhere in the system.

    Crap is crap no matter how it gets into the abode.

    We will do everything to protect our house, a house that has a perfect septic system, from all possible problems. I do not have the funds to fight "city hall" any longer so after the last mandate we will not have much of an option.
  6. tugboats

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    There are several modalities for water. We also have a shallow well for irrigation (again, it's illegal). Both wells have a back system in place in that event.
  7. CulexPipiens

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    Have you talked to a lawyer? If the city is not entirely paying for this then you may have 4th amendment grounds. Our city was going to make us change our mailbox as they did not like the "style" of it however I found precedence where this had been tried elsewhere and the people won on the grounds that this is unconstitutional seizure of property since the city wasn't going to compensate us for the money we spent on it, nor for the money we'd have to spend to replace it. I presented my research to the city council, mayor and city attorney on behalf me and the few others they were targeting with this and we never heard from them again.

    If you and enough other neighbors go in together it might be worth consulting with an attorney and see if you have a case. The city probably only wants you connected so they can charge you for it as I'm sure their revenues are hurting. And I doubt, if this is the case, that they want to pay for all the places to be converted... it could be decades before they recoup those costs.
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    I wouldn't have sawdust and a woodstove in the same room! Sawdust produces a lot of dust and dust is combustible.
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    This whole busted sewer-backflow issue has been on my mind a bit lately. My solution? Well, it seems logical, and may work: I installed a de-threaded clean-out cover. It is greased and pops right out with little effort, but stays put if left alone. The clean-out is at the front of my property, and would drain down grade away from my building. If the back-pressure is high enough, yes, I would get effluent on my property, but NOT in my building. Still some hazardous, but exposed to the air and light/heat, it should bio-remediate in short order. Thankfully, my elevation is such that I am above 90% of the surrounding area, so that would be a lot of poo to be able to reach my doorstep.

    I like the whole idea of "swapping" houses. Very cagey. How's about when you excavate for the flooring, you drop a 5000 gallon cistern under the floor? Or even just a couple of wire-totes? Too much work?
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    I started a thread about this awhile back. I've talked to a plumber and it seems they can install a back-flow valve in my line. He said it would solve the problem but would flow out wherever they put the valve. At least it's better than poop in the house.
  11. tugboats

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    The back flow prventer will stop the poop from backing up if it does not blow out. However, it needs to be reset after it deploys. We may not be aware of it's activation and all of our sewage would be in the basement. Showers, toilets, laundry and kitchen wastes would have no where else to go.

    Alarms can be installed to alert us, but this is one more item to maintain and service. I try to find the easiest and cheapest ways to solve a problem. It seems this is just going to be one large cluster(you fill in the appropriate word).

    My poo is less objectionable (my opinion) to clean up over someone elses. But poo is poo. I do not want it in the basement regardless of whom it belongs to.
  12. CulexPipiens

    CulexPipiens Still waiting for the zombies.

    A few years back they did a backflow preventer valve replacement on Ask This Old House in someone's front yard. It was a PVC single unit that blew out due to the pressure. They replaced it with a double cast iron unit. Not sure if you can find that episode online or not.
  13. Meerkat

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    These 'leaders'have thought of everything.They are talking meters,or capping wells.Being sly will only get you in trouble.
    Soon many will realize their is no place to hide.:confused:.These power mongers can see you through 6 ft. of concrete.In the woods you light up like xmas trees with their night vision spywear.
    Every person who owns property pays taxes.
    Maybe we can all do what Samuel Adams said and lick their boots when they visit?After all we gave them this power over us.