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I've always been told not to use Alcohol or Peroxide on an open wound.
I've been told it inhibits the healing of the wound, and can actually burn & dry out the exposed tissue and new tissue.

I know for a fact that it will cause a lot more scaring.

I carry Iodine Solution in my First Aid kit and that seems to work REALLY well for flushing and cleaning the wound.

'Triple Anti-Biotic' ointment with Neomycin (like 'NEOSPORIN®') will help dull the pain of an open wound, but you WILL have an allergic reaction to the Neomycin in the ointment after a few days of use.

It's best to switch to something without Neomycin after a day or two, Like Bacitracin won't cause the allergic reaction.

Bacitracin can also be used in and around the eyes, and products containing Neomycin should NOT be used in the eyes!

Keep the wound soft with ointments, and once it's scabbed over, you can even use petroleum jelly or vitamin E oil to keep the skin/scab softened up.
This will keep the scab from pulling on the new tissue, and it will allow the new tissue to push the scab up from underneath, something it can't do if the scab is rock hard.

Bacitracin, petroleum jelly or vitamin E oil will all keep the scaring to a minimum.

The best thing you can do for small cuts and scrapes is wash them with mild soap and water,
Then dab a little 'NEOSPORIN' on a band-aid and apply,
When the scrap or cut scabs over, leave the band-aid off, but keep using something like Bacitracin to keep the scab soft until it falls off on it's own.
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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