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    Living in Schenectady and wondering if there is any one in the surrounding area. I've been building food storage for the last few years, along with some other stuff. I live in the hood of Schenectady, so my home defense is a little more urgent than some of my comrades further up north. Anyway, just looking for some like minded folks in my area.
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    Can't really help, but I did live in Saratoga Springs for a while when I was stationed at the Nuke plants in Ballston Spa.

    Great area... except for the cold weather.

    Just in case you don't know (a lot of people didn't know when I was there), a little bit north of you is a site with a few nuclear power plants operating for research and training of students.

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    In the Electric City myself,over by Union.
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    You are not alone. Numbers seem to be slim.
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