Alaskan Felons and Gun Laws

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  1. kogneto

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    here's an interesting article in our local paper on gun laws in alaska

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  2. kogneto

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    thanks BB,

    So any thoughts on this? I think it makes sense in a way, but without more information regarding the Supreme Court ruling the article seems tilted to favor the states view of this measure.

    so what say you, states or supreme court?

  3. mosquitomountainman

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    I know of an instance in which a "felon" got his weapons back eventually. He was/is no danger to anyone. Being a felon covers a lot of ground. Might even be for writing bad checks.

    I don't see a problem with the rights being restored to non-violent felons after they've paid their due.
  4. kogneto

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    I think the way our society classifies a "felon" needs to change, it seems like we're quick to lock everyone up at the expense of the taxpayer, especially non-violent offenders (i.e. marijuana possession) and yet at the same time putting people away doesn't stop them from committing future crimes.

    the other downside to being a felon in alaska is that the state garnishes your permanent fund dividend, and if you're making minimum wage the PFD is pretty much a lifeline during the cold winter months when gas prices skyrocket (yet another thing I don't understand, summer months raise gas prices AND winter months raise gas prices)
  5. NaeKid

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    A fellon could be someone who had too much to drink and decided to drive ...

    A fellon could be someone who was in a state-of-hurt and decided to purchase something "illegal" from a non-registered pharmaceutical distributer to help control the pain.

    A fellon could be someone who did something stupid and got caught ...

    None of these people used a gun (or other weapon) in the crime - why should a gun be denied them?
  6. Tex

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    Alaska made the important distinction between violent and nonviolent felons. I don't have a problem with it. Having a gun is necessary when going outside the major cities. Wildlife doesn't go easy on people because they can't carry a gun. Violent felons can stay in the city or move to another state.