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    The following is an excerpt from an essay by Bill Walker. Does anyone else find this insane?

    On December 16 President Obama signed the omnibus appropriations bill. It included H.R. 3081, a doubling of foreign aid from pre-Obama times, to 48.764 billion dollars. By comparison official US foreign aid in 2006 totaled less than 23 billion dollars.

    This is all money which the US has to borrow from foreign taxpayers, as the US is 12.1 trillion in debt (not counting Social Security, Medicare, or prescription drug benefit obligations. Those are estimated by the head of the Dallas tentacle of the Federal Reserve to put the real total debt over 100 trillion. )

    The entire essay can be found here.

    Yet More Aid To Dependent Dictators by Bill Walker
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    I think this is a silly decision to make in the current economic climate. The US is under enough pressure to look after all its own citizens without throwing money (often misappropriated) to dependent countries or propping up foreign tyrants.

    Its an issue which defies logic and the same is occurring over here with several European governments either maintaining or increasing Overseas Aid while ordinary workers are being hammered with pay cuts, levies, and cutbacks in services in an effort to drive down living wages and living standards being pushed on by the bosses and their political cronies.
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    Same thing has been echoed in countries like Saudi Arabia

    Disasters like floods in Jeddah ( Western Saudi Arabia ) showed that money is frequently sent to other countries, who did not even send a message of symphathy after the disaster. Newspapers are talking about the "Jeddah mummy" - an elderly man found barely alive two weeks after the disaster, and became a symbol of the irony.

    Shows that different nations have similar problems.
    Desperately-needed money being channeled elsewhere around the globe.
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    I say keep our money here and there will be no need for all the debt crap. 99% of those we help thumb their noses at us. Hearts and minds is a load of crap. We send a load of money and aid to a country, the gov. steals it and gets rich. No over site to speak of. The U.N. has hired rebels to protect some food shipments to get to refuge camps. Sounds like they have learned from our American mob. It sounds like i,am hard hearted, but take care of our own then after ours maybe try at the worlds crap. America first.
  5. Jason

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    I agree. As noble as it is to think we're still the benevolent benefactors of the world, that's simply not the case. With the US economy teetering so badly, it's a matter of time until the whole house of cards falls. If we spend money IN America ON American goods and services, we as Americans will HAVE jobs to go to and money in the bank, and the country will regain its solvency and actually BE ABLE to afford to help out less fortunate neighbors and nations. Now we're robbing Peter to pay (or maybe to pay off) Paul, which is a short term solution that never works out in the end. I've had good friends from India. Two of my neighbors in the dorm in college were both fresh off the boat. Ritesh and Himanshu. I've lost track of both over the years but they were good friends in college, here legally to better their lives. That said, it PISSES ME OFF when I need customer support and my call is routed to the Punjab.

    I apologize for the rant, but this thread got me all fired up.
  6. UncleJoe

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    We need a lot more people to get fired up in order to have any real change in this country.
  7. bunkerbob

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    I wholeheartedly agree with you, complacency is one of the main reasons that the country is in the shape it is now. People don't care, sit on their laurels, hope for the best, on and on and on. Everyone needs to become more active, but, in a respective way. Your representatives will just delete your ranting emails, and throw out those negative letters when you contact them. Be well informed, calm and level headed when you send correspondence in response to your feelings and beliefs.
    I recently contacted my Assemblyman concerning two bills that were on the Gov desk to be signed into law, and respectively in just a couple of sentences asked him to oppose them, no ranting and raving about how they were wrong, how we should protect the Constitution, how we should be able to own guns. These are the emails they will look at to help in seeing what the public is feeling, and help in compiling poles, etc.

    I received this back from his office:

    Assemblyman Hagman's Update on the Repeal of AB962‏
    From: Assemblymember Hagman ([email protected])
    Sent: Mon 12/21/09 7:23 PM

    Dear Friends,

    I first want to thank you. My office has been overwhelmed by the outpouring of support for the repeal of the AB 962. This bill requires ammunition registration and infringes upon the Second Amendment rights of law-abiding Californians.

    I am truly humbled by the attention and time you have taken to let me know your opinion on such an important issue. You have heeded the call to action and it is my hope my fellow state legislators whom represent you will hear you and lend their support for repealing this legislation.

    The first piece of news I have to share with you is the repeal bill will be AB 740. Due to some technical difficulties with legislation and the rules governing certain amendments I was unable to use AB 373 as a vehicle for our legislation.

    Rest assured a change in number in no way changes the intent of the bill. I am working with the National Rifle Association on a daily basis to ensure this bill is heard in the Assembly Public Safety committee during their first hearing on January 12. There is no time to waste.


    Curt Hagman

    Assemblyman, District 60
  8. spacestuff4me

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    Don't waste your time hoping for a recovery

    I hate to be the voice of doom, but if you're expecting a recovery of the economic health of this country...... don't. The truth is that we are bankrupt, we will never pay back all of these loans and it is going to destroy our nation.

    obama isn't stupid, he's an evil, arrogant, devious, backstabbing, US hating radical communist, who feels we've become great at the expense of others and that we don't deserve to be the only super power. He apologizes for our greatness, while destroying our economic future and our nation is about to experience some devastating changes.

    In the next few month months, there will be the start of $2 Trillion dollars of ARM resets, that by July-August, will undermine and eventually destroy the real estate market. I'm not talking about sub-prime or liars loans that caused the disaster in the real estate market by losing $700 BILLION in value, that money has been washed out of the market and is a minor factor.

    I'm talking about prime A loans where people had to qualify with documented incomes and put 20% down. The rate of prime A defaults that are resetting will be 60-75% because peoples payments will be increasing by 30-80%, when their interest rates reset from the original "teaser" interest rate of zero to 3%.

    This last quarter of 2009 saw a 30% increase of defaults in prime A loans and we're at the bottom of the default/foreclosure trough. The resets for loans written in 2005-2008 will be starting in March and will continue increasing for the next 2-3 years. The commercial property market will be doing the same thing and this nation will not be able to withstand this next round of defaults.

    Couple all of this good news with the consumer debt bubble of credit cards at $2-3 Trillion, $2 Trillion in the home loan market defaulting, $2-3 Trillion resetting rates in the commercial markets, plus another $2 Trillion for misc loans and this clearly spells a disaster of epic dimensions for our country.

    Right now with .5% interest rates, this country is paying out to foreign countries every year in just interest, over $400,000,000,000 BILLION. It is impossible for us to pay the principle and God help us when interest rates jump up to where they should be, which is around 6-8%. We'll be paying $2-4 TRILLION dollars in just interest to foreign countries who hold our paper debt at T-Bills & bonds. I fully expect the interest rates to jump to 15-20% in the next few years, which will be the death nail in our coffin.

    At some point in the next year or 2, we will have to default on every loan the gov't has and that's when you'll see what real pain is. Inflation will be going through the roof, the dollars value will be 1/2 or more less than it is today, prices for EVERYTHING will be skyrocketing and we'll possibly see hyperinflation, which will destroy our core. The worst part is that we don't manufacture anything that the world consumes, so there's no way to repay these loans without printing huge sums of worthless paper.

    Most people have no idea what is coming, they'd rather not know, but they're going to be devastated by the impact of obama's intentional destruction to our nation. If Bush had allowed the failure in the banking & financial markets to take place like he should have, we would have had a depression like 1929, but we would have come out of it stronger. Instead Bush spent like a drunk sailor to delay the pain and obama has completely destroyed us by spending our countries legacy for the next 2-3 generations.

    We are doomed to fail as a nation and all because these imbeciles wanted change and to make history by electing obama.

    Happy F*%King New Year and get prepared to take care of your families.
  9. drhwest

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    I have been reading a lot about what is being said here, particularly the points being made by Spacestuff4me. There are many well educated people that believe the same thing and the numbers seem to be growing. Of all the disasters that are mentioned on this forum I think this is the one that is staring us right in the face. The sad thing is I don't believe we have enough patriots to see ourselves through this crisis. Most American's have become too domesticated by world opinion to stand up for their constitutional rights.
  10. TechAdmin

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    As were I agree with you, unless the unconquerable American spirit is dead as as well I don't think we will fair to bad.
  11. spacestuff4me

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    The American Spirit ???


    I hate to say it, but the American spirit in the vast majority of our country has vanished like the dinosaurs. Between an aging and terribly out of shape population who sit in front of the TV night after night, we've allowed our freedoms to be taken away, in lieu of being provided safety, comfort and entitlements from the gov't. It all started in 1964-65 with LBJ's welfare programs and you can see the explosion of illegal immigration, graft, scams and other spurious ways that people would take advantage of our generosity towards those at the bottom of the ladder, immediately after those programs were passed.

    Our politicians have tried to eliminate poverty here, which is a noble endeavor. However the way that tens of Trillions of dollars were thrown at wasteful and worthless gov't programs, have turned every major US city into jobless ghettos and slums filled with crime, drugs, unwed teenagers, gangsters, that are black holes which consume everything and produce nothing. The left wing has intentionally destroyed the education system from the ground up, so kids taught in public schools since the 60's, aren't taught about our history or science or math or the incredible things this country has done. They're taught about how we have exploited, raped, stolen and ruined every society we've dealt with. They're taught to apologize for everything wrong we've done, instead of celebrate the incredible things we've accomplished, that nobody in the history of the world has ever done. As a result, the people today are the left wing of this country and they've finally succeeded in destroying us.

    The American people as a whole, are probably the most ignorant and easily led people on the planet and we think that we're above the rest of the world. Trust me, in a few years, you will not recogonize this country and we are in for a horrific shock to our way of life. Most of our politicans are whores who sold out this country and it's values for a few bucks.

    There's a reason why China, Japan, the pacific rim and the major foreign gov't agencies have thrown hundreds of billions of dollars at our elected officals. They've lobbied Washington DC to get them to destroy our industrial base and export jobs away from US workers. Why does Japan, Korea, China, Vietnam & Taiwan give our politicans billions of dollars every year ???? To keep jobs & business in this country ? NAFTA was passed to benefit Americans ???

    We're going to default on every foreign loan, our money will be worthless, 90% of the American people will be in a full blown panic and I can see a tidal wave of destruction, both monetary and physical coming to every US city. In a natural disaster people band together and I've lived through major earthquakes that destroyed my home in 1994. However, when you can't feed your family, you don't have free medications, you don't have a roof over your head and you're standing in line for days to get something to eat, there is no help coming, the American spirit won't last very long.

    I spent 3 days in the LA riots and I'll tell you first hand, Americans will be the first to kill each, in order to keep their family fed and warm. The LA riots showed me what our cities will look like when the police are nowhere to be found. If you want to allow your family to be at the mercy of that American spirit of entitlements, welfare and foodstamps, good luck because you'll be among the first to go.

    Trust me, I'm not some fear mongerer, I'm trying to tell people that our way of life is coming to an end and that the vast majority of people will either be dying or living like they do in 3rd world countries. All you can do is get prepared to protect your families.
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