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The Easter Event

Consider the Easter event as recorded and reported by the "Roman Praetorian Guard" in their after action report to the Roman Governor, Paunches Pilot.

These were valorous men who had faced death many times and been given the distinction of serving as the protective force to the Roman Governor.

This detachment of the Praetorian Guard, was sent to seal and guard the tomb of a carpenter reputed to be the "King of the Jews".

It was feared that a mob of his supporters would attempt to steal the body and claim he had arisen from the dead. Their mission was to prevent this at any cost !

They sealed the tomb with the Governor's own seal and placed a watch sufficient to repel any insurrection that might arise. A stone of great weight was used to seal the single opening.

Early in the morning , (Easter morning), a single Angel descended in great glory and with a terrible visage and sat upon the stone .

He was described by the battle hardened Roman troops as being so terrifying and overpowering that they became as dead men while he rolled away the stone and beckoned Jesus from the grave.

Pretending to be dead is, and always has been, the last refuge of soldier when he is overrun by a superior force and resistance is futile.

They immediately told the Governor and the Jewish Priest's exactly what had happened even though they were subject to decimation for failing to carry out their mission.

They were offered bribes not to repeat the report but I guess some things are just to important to be suppressed.


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