Adaptable Evacuation Planning Tool??

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    Criteria for Decision to Move if Possible from affected Gulf Coast Areas:
    1) Presence of Military increasing Daily.
    2) Massive Reports of Respiratory and other Illnesses--Hospitals filling up rapidly.
    3) Hurricanes with sustained winds moving into gulf.
    4) Credit Cards being Cancelled regionally.
    5) Regional and or National Internet Outages.
    6) Highway Barriers going up on Freeway Entry and Exit Ramps overnight.
    7) Military Transport Planes Landing in Numbers at Regional and smaller Gulf Coast Airports.
    8) Watching the Body Language and actions of the Local Law Enforcement Officers.
    9) Bubbling ocean waters increasing as the Methane Hydrate goes from solid state to gaseous state.
    10) Massive increase in Lightning Storms and unusual Animal Behavior.
    11) Suspension of all Leaves and Vacations of Emergency Personnel.
    12) Expanding no Boating and Fishing Zone.
    13) Shortages of Fuel and Food and availability of critical supplies increasingly being reported.