A Tornado Night

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  1. jebrown

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    Tonight here in Northern Oklahoma around 7:00 P.M. CDT, it started to rain.
    At about 9:30 P.M. I went outside to sit on my front porch to enjoy the rain.
    At about 10:00 P.M. the Tornado sirens started sounding. I went inside to inform the family that we needed to go down into the storm cellar.
    We were on our way down when a friend of my wife and her husband and granddaughter pulled up in the street. We all went into the cellar.
    We were in the cellar for the next 45 minutes. In that time frame there were four funnels that formed within six to seven miles of my home. There was also a Tornado that touched down abot twelve miles North East of me.
    As I am writing this there was another Tornado that touched down about sixteen miles North East of me.
    It is moving away from where I am.
    This storm produced quarter sized hail and 60 MPH winds.
    While writing this I am listen to my scanner as well as my SAME weather radio.
    I will post more if anything else develops.
  2. pmabma

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    Goodness, be careful and safe.:eek:

  3. Herbalpagan

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    Thank goodness you had a shelter and are ok. Take care!
  4. Expeditioner

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    Glad you guys had a storm cellar and were able to get there in time. I hope you and your family are okay!!!
  5. Canadian

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    God Bless! Glad you were alright. Let us know when everything is over.
  6. mandiex4

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    man, it has been a day of it and it is still coming. Lots of bad weather and lots of wind! Praying we all make it through tonight and tomorrow!!!!
    If you guys need any wind, I think I can bottle you some Oklahoma wind and send it to you! LOL