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A temporary solution in Warm Areas to house the homeless. Until more permanent solutions become available. Concrete cloth. Amazing. I guess.

You can add sandbags outside tents, stacked up against the walls, and have ballistic protection. Important is some places. Well and some protection against shell fragments. You never know, what the future holds for them, since some, are people whom thinks of themselves as doing jihad.

I heard before. That some government, starting building cheap multistory buildings, to house poor people. They never reinforced the structure with re-bar. The was a gas explosion, I think, and the damage to the building was terrible. This is sort of like the same thing, but building more horizontally, and not upwards.

When it hardens. It's a ceramic. So there is lots of thermal protection to. Fire resistance.

You will definitely need, some type of forced air ventilation, in a structure like that. Just like, if you have ever stayed in a plastic tent overnight, without enough ventilation. Everything gets soaking wet, from sweat and moisture in your breath. Might be some pooled water, on the tent floor. Or lots of windows that can be opened.

You can cut out holes for power outlets, air conditioning, windows. Have sterile liners, real doors, tables, chairs, sofa, beds, etc.

Can be painted to of course. To stop concrete from getting powdery. Right paint or coating, on inside and outside, as needed.

Concrete canvas shelters.

Showing, actually using material, in practical ways.

Using air to inflate shelters.

Plastic liner on inside where shown.
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