A Small Change I Recently Made To My Routine

Discussion in 'General Preparedness Discussion' started by RossA, Mar 19, 2009.

  1. RossA

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    We have several indoor cats. Please, no adverse comments from cat haters!
    We use a fair amount of cat litter, which I have usually purchased in cardboard boxes which we then recycled.
    I have recently started purchasing 40 lb. containers of litter in plastic pails with tight fitting snap on lids. I will now have a regular supply of plastic containers in which to store items which I don't want to leave exposed. The containers can also be used to store water if necessary.
    One little change to my routine, but it will hopefully help me prepare.
  2. mandiex4

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    That sounds great!

  3. MaryV

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    every little thing counts. thats part of being prepared I think, we have to consider other ways of doing things than we normally do, I am 59 and set in my ways but now that i am preparing, I am making huge changes. sounds like you are thinking smart.
    you have to prep for your cats too! I have a dog, and I have to prep for him as well.
  4. mona

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    These plastic buckets may or may not be food grade. Make sure to line the buckets with a food grade plastic bag if you are going to consume what is stored in the buckets.

    A friend of mine uses her buckets as nesting boxes for the chickens. I don't see why it cann't be modified for a rabbit hutch too.
  5. Smithy

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    Definately useful for flush-buckets, if nothing else. Nice to be able to use the commode if the water gets turned off. Like it did for a week in DC after a big post-hurricane storm screwed with the water treatment facilities upstream, a few years back.
  6. Canadian

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  7. morlikmartha

    morlikmartha jan in very rural bama

    my oldest daughter is working her way thru college in a truck stop and brings home all the butter and sour cream buckets they are food grade and free ,i love the free part the most she adds 1 or 2 a week to our collection i use them for everything flour ,sugar;pasta,beans,grits,rice everything you can think of even the younger kids toys
  8. kettleMan

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    I think that will work out better for you than boxes as buckets will last you a life time and are waterproof.

    Check out mandiex4's blog for 10 different ways to use a bucket with a snap on lid!